San Diego is Cool and Other Fun Stories

Da Goddess @ 01:32

Seriously, SD is cool right now. Temperature-wise. Tomorrow (errrrr, today) we might get rain. I’m up for that! Nice break from the heat in Vegas!

So, that out of the way, let’s get to the update about my mom: Very long day today, but it was worth it. My mom’s doc is pleased with her improvement and now we start moving toward a thyroid lesion biopsy (a new fun thing!), a very likely surgery to remove part of her stomach (the erosive portion is focalized and can be excised), her kidneys aren’t trying to shut down anymore, and she had more blood drawn. After all that (!!!) we stopped in a cancer society resale shop where my sister volunteers. My mom got excited to see friends and ooh and aah over merch. A walk thru drug store was just as fun. Got home, she napped, I ran errands, cleaned house, and am now going to bed. We’ve all earned our rest tonight. Please keep praying! Thanks!

Purchased at the American Cancer Society Discovery Store: 1) 1 long sleeve t-shirt for my mom for $3.60. 2) 1 hardback book I’ve wanted to read for a while for $2.70. Bonus, I can get through the book in two days and leave it for my mom and sister to read after me. 3) 1 birthday card for my mom’s July birthday $0.22. Then my mom found a GREAT necklace for $6 and my sister bought it for her. Made my mom very happy.

I’m really, truly going to bed now. I’m pooped.


  1. Hi Da Goddess, it is fascinating to read about how you have been doing after all this time. Best of luck with your Mum’s recovery.

    Comment by David — 2012/05/27 @ 23:48

  2. Glad to hear things are better with your mom. I will be heading down that way myself at the end of the week. I hope the weather gets better.

    Comment by Scott (Retired Navy CPO) — 2012/05/30 @ 06:47

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