Whistling Dunny

Da Goddess @ 16:33

I don’t get out much anymore. What I mean is that my job keeps me busy and leaves me only one day off each week. I get up and get to work early, usually getting done with everything about 14hrs later. For my efforts, I am paid a pittance, but I have a roof over my head and a bit of food on the table. It is what it is and I mostly really like what I’m doing, so it’s okay.

When I do get out? Well, let me tell you! I go to some of the most interesting places. Like the park. The grocery store. Occasionally I also go to the $1 movies (everything that’s just about to hit on DVD). By the way, when I go to the movies? They actually cost $1.50. Close enough, right? Sometimes I get to see a show (courtesy of friends who work there and comp me tickets). Other times I’ll go sit in a Starbucks and chat with friends. Doesn’t really matter much as long as I’m out of the house.

Yesterday was a special day, though. I got to go to Round Table Pizza. Years ago, I worked for RT. For three years. I ate pizza morning, noon, and night. And was skinny as hell. Their pizza rules! So, yesterday my friend and I decided to go there for lunch. BEST. DECISION. EVER. I had three slices of pizza. Two cups of Pepsi. A little bleu cheese dressing (it’s an old RT 15 minute break trick…plus their bleu cheese rocks). I was stuffed, but super happy. Except…

The bathrooms at this place were terrible. Sewage smell. Always nice, amiright? But the best part…what really made the entire experience something to remember was the sound the toilet made when you flushed: it whistled! Not just a low sound. No. It was a full-on high-pitched whistle!

Now, you tell me: as a woman, it’s always nice to get a little whistle, isn’t it? Especially when you’re in a bathroom stall with your pants half pulled up.

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