Quit Sticking Your Toe In Your Eye

Da Goddess @ 00:10

I remember when my kids were little and they’d do things that would cause me to say something I’d never thought I’d ever utter in my life, but it’s been a while, y’know? And despite the fact that I’ve cared for many children over the years, there are still things coming out of my mouth that surprise me.

Last night, I was giving the baby (nanny job, remember?) his bottle and he grabs his foot. He’s looking at it. Intently. Next thing you know, he’s jabbing his toe in his eye. Oy. Like I need to be ‘splainin’ that kind of injury to his mama.

Basically, it got me thinking about all the things my kids used to do when they were younger and how they made me shake my head in wonder at times.

Only slightly off-tangent: the things the kids used to say… “babing suit” was Mojo’s way of saying bathing suit. And “boo prise”. “Bessert” instead of dessert. LD…his Australian accent…

Nothing more to this post than that. Just randomly firing synapses I had to get out of my system.


  1. My stepson when he was AJ’s age used to tell his mama he was hungwy and wanted dookie. I have no idea where that came from… And my daughter wanted eggies for breakfast…

    Comment by diamond dave — 2012/03/30 @ 06:42

  2. I like eggies.

    Hungwy is common.

    Kids saying something is “too fit” is also common and just weird because it’s their way of saying it doesn’t fit…too big too small…too fit…and I’ve heard it from kids who are total strangers. It’s a total kid-generated phrase. I love it!

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2012/04/06 @ 23:33

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