Great Blubbering Mama

Da Goddess @ 19:44

I cried at the airport today. I’ve cried several other times, too. I’m so out of sorts, I haven’t even folded my laundry yet.

LD left at 1450. On the Shamu plane. Seriously, it was a Southwest jet painted like Shamu. Quite apropos for a flight to San Diego.

I wanted like crazy to get on the plane with LD. Or at least make him miss that flight…and the next 1,000. I didn’t want him to leave.

My sweet boy remembered to give his sister my little gift after his aunt picked him up at the airport. Nothing major. Just a bracelet I helped create. Okay, I simply connected the intricate knots my friend had made, but still it was something I had a hand in making and I was happy to be able to send Mojo something special. I happen to have a bracelet exactly like it. And LD now has a necklace made of the same knots. I had no involvement in that one. And yet it’s something that connects us all.

About my laundry: in truly manly form, LD took all his stuff out of the dryer, carefully weeding out my things (which, of course, took longer than just grabbing it all), and then got himself packed. I was rather amused at the whole thing even as I was so horribly sad. I guess boys are all the same no matter the age…

Anyway, I’ve shed tears of sadness and pride over both kids today and I’m missing home in the worst way.


I’m going to drown my sorrows in Downton Abbey and a strawberry shake. It’s the only sensible thing to do.

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  1. By packing do you mean throwing it all in his suitcase in typcil man/boy fasion? ;-)

    Comment by Retired Navy CPO — 2012/02/28 @ 07:06

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