Just All Out of Care

Da Goddess @ 21:44

Fantastic article over on about leading male characters on TV who make us work harder and harder to care about them.

Honestly, some of these shows I don’t even bother with anymore. Like Grey’s Anatomy. I stopped watching after the second or third season because, frankly, who fucking cares whether Derek and Meredith were together or if Izzy was going to crumble after her patient/boyfriend’s death? All the blathering on about stupid shit made the show less and less a priority each week. The best episode ever was “Pink Mist”, with the always beautiful and still ruggedly handsome Kyle Chandler. ‘Nuf said.

I’ll defend Mad Men until they totally mess it up. Don Draper is, despite his moments of awareness and conscience, a man who is perfection to look at but a disaster for one’s heart waiting to happen. Granted, the timeframe of the show is very chauvvinistic, so I allow a little wiggle room. Just not as much as Don truly requires to make him “lovable”.

House, well, hell. House is better than a lot of doctors I’ve worked with, so I don’t know that he deserves to be on the list.

Don’t watch Glee, American Horror, Sherlock, or It’s Always Sunny, thus I have no real opinions there. I do, however, recognize that all the guys from The League deserve to be seriously kicked in the nuts at one time or another. And yet, I love love love the show. It’s so…let’s just say I know people like that and I love them despite (or maybe because of) their faults. Jeff Winger on Community? Hello! His character may be a dick, but he’s written so that he’s perfectly straddling the fence between asshole for life and reformable guy with issues.

Lest we forget Barney Stinson. Look, the guy may be a man whore, but he’s one who is also vulnerable. He’s the Fonz…in a suit, with a more cutting tongue. One of the best characters ever written for a sitcom. Think Uncle Jesse, but with an edge and an actual personality. Also, “Swarley”.

I love posts on other sites that make me sit around, think about imaginary characters, and then opine on them at length. Or at least as lengthy as I get these days. Thanks, Pajiba!


  1. Out of everything listed, I watch House. Not the last couple of episodes, though. Just wasn’t interested. Funny how that works…

    Comment by pam — 2011/11/27 @ 03:35

  2. I’m a sporadic House watcher. When I catch an episode, I love it. But it’s not appointment TV, you know? Not like, say, Criminal Minds or Big Bang Theory or Parenthood. Or even The League.

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2011/11/27 @ 07:23

  3. Been a long time since I closely followed a major network TV show. ER was the last big one I was into, before they ran it into the ground.

    Comment by diamond dave — 2011/11/27 @ 10:38

  4. Somehow, this list made me glad that I don’t own a television. Honestly, I don’t have the energy to waste on any of this. Or is it that my life just doesn’t suck enough to need an escape? I don’t know.

    Comment by Jan — 2011/12/01 @ 20:56

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