Move It On Over

DaGoddess @ 22:26

Just when I thought things couldn’t get any stranger, I got thrown another curveball. I had an unexpected move to contend with this past week. Still not completely done hauling things, nor do I have a permanent place to live. I do, however, have a place to stay for the next month and that’s what matters most.

My mouth continues to kill me. Until I have the dental work I need completed, I’m afraid I’ll continue being uncomfortable and cranky. The one plus to all this is that I have dropped weight, so there’s that. Sadly, I think I’d rather be fat and not in pain.

Speaking of pain, the docs are having so much fun with my back and playing around with my meds. Lemme tell ya, it’s an adventure! We’re looking at more steroid epidurals and meds — basically anything to get around surgery for at least another year. I’m almost ready for them just to do the surgery at this point.

Anyhow, that’s what’s happening here. Wish me luck as I try to get through the rest of my move and attempt to find enough money for the ol’ choppers.


  1. Glad to see your site is back up and running. Sorry that you have to move again (I’m so sick of moving I’d just as soon dig a hole and live there than move again).

    And sorry that the dental situation isn’t improving. Maybe I could put you on my insurance. Or better yet, go in under my daughter’s name… ;)

    Comment by diamond dave — 2011/08/14 @ 19:05

  2. Hope things are going better! I only feel like I’m moving everything. Wait a minute, I am moving everything. Down the stairs for the new carpet install ($3000 courtesy of Seal peeing all over the place), and now back up the stairs. How in the heck did I ever end up with so many books??!!?!?! They weigh a frickin’ ton. I swear I’m getting rid of most of the crap. I like my new carpet and how roomy it feels upstairs without everything. Ugh.

    Comment by Jan — 2011/08/23 @ 19:09

  3. Were I there, I’d help, or at least supervise and then make you a nice dinner.

    Comment by DaGoddess — 2011/08/25 @ 03:17

  4. Dave, don’t tempt me. Fraud sounds really feasible at this point

    Comment by DaGoddess — 2011/08/25 @ 03:18

  5. Well, now I’ve discovered that the hot water tank has been leaking. Probably for at least a couple of months. Laundry room floor is ruined, even the sub-floor will have to be replaced. It’s just been one thing after another this summer. So much for paying my house down further after this majorly expensive two months. I can definitely use both the supervision and the dinner! (Cold stale fried chicken. Yuck.)

    Comment by Jan — 2011/08/29 @ 20:21

  6. Damn, Jan! If I were there, I’d help you clean up and make sure you had a good dinner.

    Comment by DaGoddess — 2011/08/29 @ 20:27

  7. Oh, it gets even worse! The guys came yesterday to see how dry the floor had gotten (they put a dehumidifier in there on Monday). Lo! and Behold! There was a NEW leak, from one of the taps that feeds the washing machine. Now I get the joy of paying a plumber (again, I already paid him to remove the old tank) to come to the house and fix that before they can start repairing the floor and walls. I kid you not, I broke down in tears. (Me! :shock: ) I don’t think I can handle one single solitary thing more going wrong…

    Comment by Jan — 2011/09/01 @ 09:08

  8. :toast: :hug: I’m sorry my suck is overflowing into your world. I’ll try to contain it better.

    :sick: Here are some extra tissues, love

    Comment by DaGoddess — 2011/09/01 @ 09:25

  9. Oi. New taps installed (to the tune of $400). The dehumidifier has been removed and all that could be mold treated has been. (Of course that had to show up the same time as the plumber so that we could play an interesting game of musical trucks.) Now I’m just waiting for a call from the contractor that’s going to be ripping up the floor. On a Friday. Before a three-day weekend. And my ass-licking boots need new steel toe inserts.

    Comment by Jan — 2011/09/01 @ 19:36

  10. KICKING. ASS-KICKING boots. God damn fumble fingers.

    Comment by Jan — 2011/09/01 @ 19:37

  11. :rofl:

    Sorry, but I find the ass-licking boots much funnier!

    Comment by DaGoddess — 2011/09/02 @ 04:18

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