Big Love To You

DaGoddess @ 01:45

Thank you all for the sweet comments and birthday wishes. Obviously, I’ve been a bit busy celebrating. I’ve been making the most of my birthday week, er, month, um…however long this lasts.


1) Comments from all of you!
2) Calls from family and friends
3) High school friends showing up in town
4) Smokey Freakin’ Robinson. You read that right. Oh yeah. Mama’s happy.
5) Being tired. Means I’m alive and havin’ some fun.
6) Dancing with friends who let me lead (because I’m a horrible follower without practice)
7) Getting groped by a stranger in a bar…at age 45, that’s kind of a cool thing, even if the woman was drunk as hell. For whatever reason, she decided she liked me. I just kept trying to eat my cake, nodding, and pleading silently for one of my friends to help me out. Men. So predictable. They did nothing.

Off to bed early for a change.

Big hugs all around!


  1. Damn…I missed your birthday. Happy belated one!

    Comment by Mrs. Who — 2011/05/21 @ 13:01

  2. Thank you, Mrs. Who!

    Comment by DaGoddess — 2011/05/23 @ 05:04

  3. Hey Goddess! I haven’t talked to you in like, a bazillion years. Happy belated! :toast: Halfway to 50. You beat me by 2yrs. God, I actually had to stop and recall if I turned 42 or 43 this year. I guess that’s a sign of old age!

    Glad it was a good b-day, anyway. I’ll try to get back here once in a while. I seem to be awfully busy driving the mini-van around these days. I never would have seen myself as a “soccer mom” 10 yrs ago!

    Comment by Becky — 2011/05/25 @ 19:49

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