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You’d think living out in the middle of nowhere (for the most part) would mean I’m not subject to being surrounded by anything much…good or bad. Ha! Wrong!

Lately I’ve been surrounded by Aussies, which is fine by me since I’ve been obsessed with the country for well over 35 years. I can always count on being in the thick of ’em when I go downtown and plunk myself right smack dab in their midst, but it’s strange to walk into Starbucks and end up in the middle of a bunch of them again. Tomorrow is a planned Aussie day. I’m taking a couple up to see the wild horses. Should be fun.

I’m also surrounded by idiots. I much prefer the Aussies to idiots, but I don’t always get to pick what comes my way. So I have a few wretched imbiciles who really like making everyone around them uncomfortable. I do my best to stay away because I have enough attitude and problems of my own. But when you’re stuck with them, ay yi yi! I’m hoping to remedy this situation soon.

The good news is that to balance out the idiots are the angels. I have a few very wonderful angels looking out for me. You know who you are and I can’t thank you enough for being a presence in my life. Being this blessed is something I wish everyone could experience and I hope that someday others see me in this light. I mean, I hope that I can bring relief to others, bring them joy, bring them comfort. If I can do that for even one person, I will feel like I’ve accomplished much.

Today, for all the silliness and randomness that’s come my way, has been a good day.

Tomorrow is going to be even better. I just know it.

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