The Greatest Singer in the World!

DaGoddess @ 06:22

I’ve never been a fan of hers. Never. I’d run to turn off the radio if she came on.

Now, we’re in the same town. She’s touting a show that’s including “lullabies and baby photos” and just her and a 38-piece orchestra.

C.D. is back in Vegas!

And while I’ve never been a fan, I have a newfound respect for her as a human being.

A couple friends told me of something magnificent she did when they were youngsters touring with her. She extended kindnesses well beyond what you’d imagine normal for a superstar to do…bringing one of them a cake and singing him happy birthday, dinners together, applauding their successes as opening act…all things that mostly never happens in the pop world. But she went out of her way to make four boys feel important and welcomed in her world, all because she remembered how it was when she first started out and was treated poorly. She vowed it would never be that way for any supporting act on one of her tours.

That puts her in a whole new light for me. I may never go see her perform, but I will certainly give her props for being so amazingly cool to people who are now rather special to me.

As a lover of music and also of kind people, this news made me happy…happy enough to blog about it.


  1. I’ve never liked her music. Ever. Made me feel a little odd, when everyone else in the known universe loved it…. but now i don’t feel so bad…

    Apparently CD earned the diva: :diva:

    Comment by pam — 2011/03/28 @ 05:34

  2. Yeah, you’re talking to someone who still hasn’t seen Titanic partially because of the soundtrack. lol

    The fact that she’s a genuinely sweet woman makes me happy for those who work with her. I’ll remain a distant observer, thank you very much. (Of course, if I were given tickets to her show, I’d go :zombie: )

    Comment by DaGoddess — 2011/03/28 @ 17:48

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