Quick Update From A Coffeeshop

DaGoddess @ 19:58

Finally got to a Starbucks with working FREE wifi. Can’t believe not all Starbucks are on board with that yet.

Okay, so nothing still on the job front. Hoping the one office calls me by Monday. (Deets in the passworded post.) On the photography front, I finally handed over the copy for a new type of session to someone else, hoping they can work miracles with it. I honestly think I get too close to the work and get writer’s block. Almost as if the pressure of having the EXACT RIGHT WORDS is too much for me to handle. Um, I sorta write for…peanuts…a couple publications, don’t you think I could do my own copy? Ha! Anyhow, that’s in capable hands now. It was good to let it go and focus instead on putting together the images I need.

That said, if any couples are going to be in the Las Vegas area in the next month and would like to be a part of this new thing I’m doing, please drop me a line either in comments or via email (personal or website works). Subject line should read: Heartbeat

Dorky, I know, but that’s how I’ll recognize the email for what it is.

All couples who participate in these free sessions will also receive a free 8×10. Any other images will be available at special rates for you wonderful volunteer models. Sessions are emotionally intimate (all images are clothed and safe for viewing by all ages) and are meant to depict the depth and strength of the bond you share.

Okey dokey, I’m off for home again.

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