WPPI – Day 1 – Doug Gordon and Nigel Barker (yes, THAT Nigel Barker)

DaGoddess @ 02:41

First class was wonderful! Funny, energetic, exciting, informational, inspiring, and just what I needed. Doug Gordon is brilliant. Like a diamond. Princess cut. (His beautiful wife and children were also in attendance, proving what I have long held to be true: a solid support system at home is your greatest tool as an artist and business person.)

I got my “free hug” when I went up to the stage and I’ll go see him at the trade show tomorrow…er…later today (I gotta go to bed if I’m going to be up and in the car by 0630 for my 0800 class). Can’t wait to talk with him more. I truly believe this man has magic fairy dust that he can sprinkle on me and make me a better photographer. Oh how I wish I could take one of his New York 4-day workshops! OMG! Really. If I can walk away after two hours and not shoot but still feel like I learned some very valuable lessons, imagine what I could do spending 4 days working/shooting with him! (On the wishlist, of course.)

Next up was a class that was labelled Motivational. A couple, whose work I like and who come across quite well in print, were to be talking about marketing and pricing and branding and all that stuff. MOBD left after 20 minutes. I wanted to leave. But my greed kept me there. They were giving away a lighting kit that I really wanted. So I wasted two hours of my life to gain the super secret code to where they have their pricing guide on their website. Listened to a woman who was neither interesting nor organized nor pleasant unto the ear. The husband said little. Unfortunately. And when he did speak, she’d cut him off. HE’S the photog. HE’S the one who interests me most. But marketing is her thing. Wah. I didn’t win the lighting kit. Suffered unnecessarily. But it should be noted that someone from whom I have taken a paid class from in the past was also there and he walked out. Half the attendees walked out. When they were calling names for the drawing of prizes, there were endless amounts of “oh, did they leave?” or “Must have left” and “well, they’re gone”. She wanted to turn up the lights to see the crowd. He told her no. He knew better. Anyhow, I high tailed it out of there as soon as I could and off I went to find MOBD and head toward dinner (no one poisoned me this year!).

The two hours of wasted time were salvaged by the only possible cure: Super hot and sexy…model, philanthropist, phtoographer, and judge on America’s Next to Last Top Modeling Chef. The lovely and talented…Mr. Nigel Barker!

Hotness was in the building! For real. I ♥ him even more now. I ♥♥♥ him. He has this adorable little overbite thing becomes noticeable as he’s smiling and talking with models, getting to know them. It’s charming, really. And he inspired me photographically. The way he treats people. His overall kindness and openness. I was going to get a photo with him after the fashion show, but I missed out whilst talking with a lovely lady from…San Diego. Of course!

Anyhow, without further ado, Mr. Niiigeelll Baaarrrrrrkkkkkerrr!

Nigel Barker at WPPI 2011 by Laughing Rhino Photography

Nigel Barker with camera at WPPI 2011 by Laughing Rhino Photography

Hello, Hotness, my old friend. Roooowwwr! I’d be a cougar for that. The man is sex on a stick. I wanna lick his face. And the hair? I like it. I like him bald, too. Roooowwwr! Please mind the drool puddle. Can’t afford a slip ‘n’ fall here.

And with that, I’m outta here. Gotta be up in 4 1/2 hours for a full day of classes and schmoozing. I’m lovin’ it! Hoping I can get the missed hug/photo with Mr. Nigel Barker at the Sony booth. (Say a prayer, please!)


  1. Sounds like it’s AWESOME! YAY!! :may:

    Comment by pam — 2011/02/21 @ 06:13

  2. It is! And no Nigel today. Oh well.

    So much going on! So much to process. I’m nearing capacity. Sigh.

    Comment by DaGoddess — 2011/02/21 @ 23:14

  3. Thanks so much for the nice words, The only thing that is upsetting is I am not as hot as Nigel Barker. LOL I hope to see you again soon Great blog post

    Comment by doug gordon — 2011/02/23 @ 21:08

  4. Doug, you’re way better than Nigel Barker! Many may drool over that sort of hot, but you, sir, are the kind of man who causes women’s knees to buckle and hearts to go pitter pat for way longer than Nigel can ever hope to do. Of course, I keep these things to myself because I wouldn’t want to cause your wife undue worry (after all, as a fluffy goddess, I know I’m hard to resist — chortle guffaw).

    Most. awesome. time. All thanks to you. I am fired up and ready to charge forward. I’m sorry I missed you at the booth today. I brought cupcakes. I also flipped the box, but…I tried. You should have a note coming your way. Vinny (Vinnie? Vincent?) has it and promised to deliver it.

    Comment by DaGoddess — 2011/02/23 @ 23:51

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