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My doctor’s visit went exceedingly well. For me, that is. We aren’t scheduling the next epi just yet, as he wants to see how long this lasts. He did, however, get very upset when he discovered which patch had been used on me after my trigger points last week. There is now a BIG BOLD NOTE on the front of my chart and he made sure everyone knew that no NSAIDs were to ever be brought anyone near me. He also announced to the entire office that the patch was never to be used on anyone again (especially me). It was a huge, loud moment. Also, he’s going to argue with the insurance company that it’s worth us doing the upper back epi even though it didn’t work pre-operatively all those years ago. The fact that the lower back epi did work POST-OPERATIVELY…well, that’s a good sign and it’s worth exploring using the same treatment to provide me with effective relief. So he’ll fight them as much as necessary to get me the treatment that I need. I like this office.

The real joy of the visit always comes with the waiting room adventures. I tend to update my facebook account frequently whilst I’m waiting and this was a particularly interesting day. Figured I’d copy and paste the whole thing over here for you to enjoy, too.

scenes from the waiting room:

Scene 1: “yo BITCH, who yo mothah fuckah?” some woman’s ringtone…full volume.

said woman’s companion has been going on for a good 20mins on how he just wants a decent bitch he can kick it with. and then the two are having separate LOUD convos on their phones

would it be foolish of me to suggest 1) going to silent… mode for ringtione? and 2) taking their calls outside?

scene 2: civil war cap with awesome civil war beard.

scene 3: everyone near loud rude couple in back becoming increasingly disgruntled over something. attitudes are contagious. me? I have a phone and fb.

scene 4: today my name is “John” (usually they call me “Jo ANN”)

scene 5: one cute tween sitting in waiting room is becoming super uncomfortable with the conversation at the back of the room. her mom isn’t exactly pleased with the language used. since I’m now back with the nurse, I narc’d. no need for anyone to endure that behavior…anywhere

scene 6: rude couple ejected and they were not happy. had a choice to turn down their volume, go outside, or leave…they got mean so decision made for them. they’re standing outside yelling now. by my car. no good deed goes unpunished

scene 7: the miracles

miracle #1 – doc happy with progress and my level of pain relief. he’s going to fight ins. co. to let him inject my neck, too.

miracle #2 – doc ran out of room and announced to evryone that the flector patch is a no-no…especially for me. and he scrawled big note on front of my chart

miracle #3 – rude couple apologizes

And there you have it.

Only thing I really need to make it all perfect is a personal masseur at my beck and call, a personal trainer to help me work my core, and a good bed. I’ll take any one of the three, any combination of the three, and I’ll even take all three. Please note these as they appear as items #1-3 on my early birthday list.

Tonight, I went to dinner with long time blog friend Sapper Mike, who is in town for a couple days. BBQ for dinner. Lots of talking (sorry…I can’t seem to shut up sometimes) after dinner. And tomorrow we’ll attempt to see the horses if the weather isn’t horrible. After that, he has kindly consented to be my escort when it’s time to check out some “Soul with a capital ‘S'”:

Someone…SOMEONE…in the Pacific Northwest…SOMEONE gave me tickets for Christmas. SOMEONE who happens to have a blog and who comments here. Uh huh. I’m not mentioning any names. HE knows who HE is. He’s a very generous soul and he’s been wonderfully kind to me. Plus, we have great conversations. Anyhow, someone know what he did and I will be forever grateful.

Before I forget, if anyone is interested in very VERY inexpensive CDs from a great music collection, I know someone who is selling many of those CDs on eBay. it out.

I’m such a brat, aren’t I?


  1. Are you serious about the ringtone? Some of the teens I work with have ringtones like that and they can’t understand why that isn’t cool. I assumed once they were 17 or 18 they would realize the error of their ways and smarten up…
    Glad you are sort of feeling better!

    Comment by Life with Kaishon — 2011/02/19 @ 05:12

  2. Good grief! I’m SO glad you were part of Scene 7!! :hug:

    Comment by pam — 2011/02/19 @ 05:16

  3. Just for everyone’s edification, my phone goes straight to silent mode even before I walk into an office, a concert venue, a restaurant, etc. I don’t have “Yo BITCH” on mine, but not everyone wants to hear the Ramones or the Monkess or my current favorite “Beef Tongue” from Top Chef.

    And yes, I am serious as all get out about the ringtone that was on the girl’s phone. It was unfathomable.

    Comment by DaGoddess — 2011/02/19 @ 05:19

  4. I’m with you on the ringtones, I don’t feel it necessary to inflict my musical tastes on the public. And whatever happened to politeness and civility? Seems to have gone to the same place as personal responsibility.

    Glad you’re feeling better.

    Comment by diamond dave — 2011/02/19 @ 09:32

  5. Slid in to home tired, beat up, but ecstatic: one hell of a 48 hour weekend. Traffic sucked due to a wreck, got home 20 minutes ago and am on my way to work.

    As I said: Da Goddess of Entertainment!

    Still diggin’ on Emilio and da boys!

    Sapper Mike

    Comment by Sapper Mike — 2011/02/20 @ 14:56

  6. Glad you had fun and even happier you got home safely!

    Thank you so much for coming out and hitting the concert with me. That was most excellent!

    Comment by DaGoddess — 2011/02/21 @ 00:13

  7. Da Goddess, the Samuel Pepys of waiting Rooms! Good stuff,glad to see you’re doing better. :thumbs:

    Comment by Chris Muir — 2011/02/21 @ 00:17

  8. Nice to see you, Chris! And it’s even better to have you come by when I’m feeling so good.

    It’s especially pleasing to be able to share happy news with folks for a change. Squee!

    And yes, I am becoming a bit of a blog/FB specialist with waiting rooms. I’m beginning to think I should start a separate blog just for those adventures (but I can barely keep up with this one).

    Comment by DaGoddess — 2011/02/21 @ 00:28

  9. Enthusiasm writ well , here. :toast:

    Comment by Chris Muir — 2011/02/21 @ 14:03

  10. I shall try to continue the amusement for you and for all. I know there are plenty of patients who can contribute their fair share of angst and drama. Let’s just hope we have a better soundtrack next time.

    Comment by DaGoddess — 2011/02/23 @ 00:53

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