Greedy Bitch Alert

DaGoddess @ 05:07

Or maybe it should just be “bitch alert” so that it serves as a general warning of my current mood.

Actually, I’m not really all that super bitchy all the time. But there have been moments over the past couple days when my level of fantastic bitchiness has reached new, soaring limits. I could blame it on the steroids that are slowly being absorbed into my body, but I don’t think that’s really all there is to it. It could be my lack of sleep. Or readjusting to having MOBD back here after a couple months of having the house all to myself. It could also be the lack of consistent internet connectivity. Or the fact that since I’ve had the epi that I’ve gone nowhere and seen no one and done nothing. I don’t know. I don’t even really care. Well, okay, I do, but whatevs.

So, I decided I’d try to turn my frown upside down and start planning for festival season. The first big festival I’m covering this year is Doheny Blues Festival. Love that festival with a passion! It’s the weekend after my birthday (which is where the greedy bitch part comes into play) and I could drive out…or I could book tix now at $49/each and fly out. T’would be fun. Plus, I’d get to thumb my nose at Southwest’s happy new rewards plan. (I’m one flight away from my freebie and damn it! I’m gonna get it! I’ll totally need it for my trip to Portland in July.) Anyhow, so this is where you get to play along. If you’d like to help with my birthday wishlist, I’ll take a flight to San Diego on May 19, on Southwest. Please. A flight back to Vegas on the 24th of May would also be lovely, but needn’t be purchased together. Also, there is the possibility that I’d need to actually pay for my festival VIP pass this year. I’m truly hoping I’ll get press credentials, but if those fall through, I’m gonna be looking for my full weekend VIP pass. (That’s for Daddy Warbucks, if he exists…and he should note, I didn’t get so greedy and ask for the Gold pass. I only need to be at the front of the stage, not backstage and certainly not in need of free beer and all that. No thanks. Gimme the VIP and I’m happy to have a beer at the end of the day, when work is done, and it’s been sitting in the hotel fridge getting all nice and cold.)

I think that’s a fairly decent wishlist, don’t you? I could add camera gear, a trip to Hawaii (it’s been put on the table several times…a fun group of blues women from the Pacific NW asked me, but I know it’s out of the question, just as the Cabo trip was out of the question when offered 10 days ago [for that it was totally lack of a passport that made me say no way, Jose]), a new wardrobe, a cowboy, a new computer, a banker, an Indian chief (or warrior), a year of spa treatments, a year of mani/pedis, a haircut, a pony, and a kite. Yet, I didn’t ask for any of those. I focused all my need…all my yearning to plane fare and festival entry. Silly, isn’t it?

Good Lord, I just realized that I’m actually typing this and will actually post it. My meds are working and I have a brief window of net time, I’m going for it, kids! And you know what else I just realized? I’m not grumpy anymore. Just greedy. So bitch alert over. Greedy’s still on, though.

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