Scrooge Got Kicked to the Curb

DaGoddess @ 22:57

Thank you, everyone, for helping me find the tinsel my heart needed.

The miracle of the car: found a mechanic who makes housecalls. Really! And the work was done quickly, priced reasonably, and with good cheer. Naturally, I made sure to tip him (not as much as I would have liked, but his kid gets the toy he wants now). Special thanks to those who helped make this miracle happen!

The miracle of the tree: the poor little thing finally got decorated while I waited for the mechanic. It’s sad, but in a cute little Charlie Brown kinda way.

The miracle of flight: since I wasn’t certain what would happen, I went in search of inexpensive last minute travel between here and home. Everything seemed to point toward me not traveling and it was decided that Little Dude’s trip here should happen as planned, albeit via otherly conveyance. I found one VERY reasonably priced fare for Dec. 26 and one pricier, but still somewhat reasonable fare for Jan. 1. Done and done. This doesn’t get me Mojo or the rest of the family, but it’s something and something is far better than nothing and it made Scrooge cry. So we’re good to go.

Gifts will go back to San Diego with LD and I will make a trip out there in January to officially celebrate with my family then. I miss them all so much! My heart hurt at not being able to go, but I realized that we’re all alive, warm, mostly dry, housed, fed, and that’s all that matters. I may not be there and I may be sad about that, however, I’ll take knowing everyone is safe as the best gift ever.

Well, best gift next to knowing I have friends who hear my tears hitting the ground and come running to my side. Friends who, despite the miles, call around to find me trustworthy mechanics. Friends who call to let me know they love me even though I am a big pain in the ass. Friends who are halfway around the world sending me cards wishing me a merry fucking Christmas (in those exact words, as unlikely as they to fall from their lips) because they know it’ll make me laugh hard and laugh long. Friends who say, “c’mon down and watch movies with me, now…whenever” and who mean it.

I love all y’all. And these tears? Tears of joy, m’kay?

Now I gotta go shower so I can head out and watch movies, laugh, and get even more sleep (yeah, I finally slept! It was fantastic. Apologies to all who called and got the sleeptalking version of me).

Thank you, all of you, for making sure the tinsel got untangled and for helping me keep heart.

Merry Christmas!

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