It’s Really Been THAT Long?

DaGoddess @ 05:31

I gave up watching soap operas several years back. Between work, then getting hurt, and just all around ennui with the plot lines, I basically just walked away. Last night, I saw a screen cap for All My Children and was curious. So I decided to watch an episode. Even within the opening montage, I was shocked to discover how few people I recognize (sure Erica, Kenley, Greenlee, Ryan, David, Tad [love Tad], Angie, Jesse [Jesse’s back? Yeah. Apparently], Adam, Palmer, Opal, Jackson, and Joe are all recognizable, but few others) and the plot lines? Lost as can be. Occasionally, I’ll watch ten minutes of General Hospital and for the most part I recognize people and can get the gist of things. Not so with AMC. Not really so much with One Life To Live either.

So AMC and I have had a very long history, but I’m lost. I tried. I gave it a full episode and none of it makes sense. I don’t really want to watch soaps anymore, but I always liked the idea that I could check in every now and again, revisit old “friends”, etc. That’s not how it works. I have no clue as to who half the people are, why the characters I do remember are doing things I don’t understand with people who are strangers… Like, why is Angie blind? And I guess at one point Greg came back, too? Hmm. I have no idea what’s going on.

So much for me and daytime TV. I don’t really need it, but there was always something comforting about knowing it was there. Now? It makes no sense to me. Guess it’s time to close that door and move on.


  1. I gave ’em up 30 years ago and it’s funny that you should have met up with your old friends, because I did too.

    Yesterday I was scanning Hulu and saw AMC and clicked on it for a lark. Tad had WHITE hair. I couldn’t take it; last I saw, he was but a stripling.

    Reality leaked a bit… but no more old soaps!!

    Comment by pam — 2010/12/18 @ 07:40

  2. Yep, it was Hulu that did me in. I saw the screen cap with Tad…I knew it was him even with the gray hair. He’s still good looking. But DAMN! Opal doesn’t look any older, does she? No. Nor does Angie. Screw the rest of ’em, though. I can’t follow the stories nor can I figure out who the vast majority of the people are. I give up.

    GH is a bit easier to follow, but still not the soap it used to be.

    OLTL…gave up on it long ago.

    Sigh. These used to be my favorite families and friends to visit with each day. They were my escape. Now? Ghosts of what they could have been. Although…rumor has it Genie Francis is coming back to GH and Luke and Laura… *minor squee!* I’ll always love Luke despite the fact that he’s usually giving so little to do and he gets like ten months off a year. (I do know that much…and I know he’s with Tracy Quartermaine…and it’s wrong that I know that much about a show I don’t even watch anymore!) But Luke has always been just funny enough, just dangerous enough, just…different enough…and Laura was the one who made it all okay. I don’t think I’ll ever get over Luke and Laura. Just like I’ll never get over Jenny & Greg on AMC or Tad & Dixie.


    Now I’m probably gonna have to watch again just to satisfy my damn curiosity. No I’m not no I’m not no I’m not…I will NOT do it.

    Comment by DaGoddess — 2010/12/18 @ 09:38

  3. I used to tape them and watch them around my busy college schedule and 2 jobs. Until (and I believe it was OLTL) someone ‘died’ and was going to heaven (or who knows where) on a flying saucer. Now I loves me some sci-fi…but that was a bit ridiculous. Gave up the soaps then and there and never looked back.

    Comment by Mrs. Who — 2010/12/19 @ 07:49

  4. That would have been Viki.

    Don’t ask.

    That was about the time I tuned out for the most part. I came back though.

    Confession time: I just watched the last three episodes of GH and though I felt guilty doing so, I kind of liked it. Heavy on Lucky (the original!), Liz, Sonny, Brenda, Carly, Jax, and Luke…it was nice. Can’t see it becoming a regular gig though. I do have a line I refuse to cross.

    The best soap days are far behind me. 1980s…Luke, Laura, Anna, Robert, Tiffany, Sean…and then Jason, Sonny, Carly, Brenda…sigh.

    I do miss Ruby and Jessie and Steve though. And I dearly miss Lila. Sigh.

    Comment by DaGoddess — 2010/12/19 @ 07:56

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