Media and the Military: Reality vs Myth

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Interesting discussion regarding Media & the Military: Myth v Reality.

Can the personal, human narrative bias be overcome to depict our military honestly?

J.D. Johannes leads panel with Tom Kratman (author) and Jake Rademacher (director, “Brothers at War”). Lots of points being made, including: with the best of intentions, as a storyteller you have to tell a story, but as a documentarian you also have a responsibility to get the story right!

Rademacher wanted to show Hollywood that the truth can be told and it can be done respectfully. Mrs. P asks where you draw the line, what do you share? Rademacher says you can do it tastefully, but there are horrific bits that are shown because that is the reality. It’s an honest depiction of what our military endure and maybe it takes that glimpse into the horror and ravages of war to appreciate what our military experience.

Earlier, Mark Burnett teared up thinking of his friends lost in the Falklands. It’s a hard reality. You have to face it but you can do so with great respect.

Rademacher mentions Gunny Popaditch and the footage of him used by people trying to push their agenda without honoring him or what others have endured.

Wish I could do justice to this panel. It’s quite moving and these men really do want to give props to our military.

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