Two-fer Tuesday? You Want a Two-fer? Okay, Take it to Heart

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How about something from Heart since Nancy is divorcing Cameron Crowe. Don’t even start me on the report I heard on the radio last night annoucing this. “When her and he announced…” okay, so I started. Seriously, this is what “journalism” has come to in this country?

Never. NEVER!

Growing up, there were all sorts of women’s voices coming out of the radio, but none were as strong as those of Ann and Nancy Wilson. Sure there were “Dreamboat Annie” and “Dog and Butterfly”, but there were also kick ass songs like “Barracuda”, “Kick It Out”, “Magic Man”, “Crazy On You”, “Heartless”, and “Straight On”. Those were songs you weren’t hearing from anyone else. The Wilson sisters stoked the flames of indepence in a young girl’s heart, even while allowing her to dream of the sweeter, more romantic side of life.

Thank God these ladies are still rockin’ it out. Where would we be without them?

Don’t know what went wrong between the Wilson-Crowes, but somehow or other, they’re gonna have to split everything up…they’re gonna have to even it out in divorce court.

Hey you! Yes, you, Nancy! Shine on.

We need one more, don’t we? Yeah. Can’t leave things so mellow. I mean, WTF is up with that?

And just because I’m feeling all churlish right now, here’s image you need to see. I’d post it outright, but I still can’t upload anything to this mutha flookin’ blog. I need to upgrade and I don’t know how. And I no longer have a friend who does that sort of thing. So, you get a link.

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  1. Here, kitty kitty kitty… :biggrin:

    Well, my plans changed again. Wasn’t quite up to the 350 mile round-trip drive to go see JST so we went to see Heart afterall. Great show, and it was much more of a “Rock Concert” than I expected. Very loud! Nancy Wilson can still bring it. She didn’t miss a note…absolutely nailed it. Ann’s harmonies were spot-on as well.

    It was a sold-out homecoming show of their Red Velvet Car tour. I have not heard the new album yet (other than the cuts they performed) but reportedly it’s a return to their earlier rock roots.

    Set list:

    1) Cook With Fire
    2) Heartless
    3) What About Love
    4) Straight On
    5) Dog and Butterfly
    6) These Dreams
    7) Hey You
    8) Even It Up (interspersed with “Gimme Shelter”)
    9) Red Velvet Car
    10) In The Cool
    11) Alone
    12) WTF
    13) Magic Man
    14) Crazy On You
    15) Barracuda


    1) What Is and What Never Should Be (Led Zeppelin cover)
    2) Love Reign O’er Me (Who cover)

    Comment by Stu — 2010/09/28 @ 06:50

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