League (if a league is one) of Extraordinary Gentleman

DaGoddess @ 01:06

The other day I met this interesting older gentleman. He’s like a miniature version of Wilfred Brimley. I was talking with the owner of a tanning salon, talking about my day at the spa (my friend’s boyfriend treated us to massages and lunch), and a show I was going to shoot later that evening and Wilfred piped up, “oh, are you a photographer?” When I said yes, he got all excited. He’s a photographer, too. We started talking about photography and before you could say “boo”, we’d been yakking it up for 30 minutes.

I used my phone to show him a few of my photos and he was quite impressed. I was just grateful he didn’t laugh at my efforts. Then he asked if I’d be willing to show him how to use a digital camera. Of course I would!

I gave him my card and that was that.

Yesterday morning, he called. After I finished a shoot in the afternoon, I stopped by his home and he showed me his work. He’s an excellent photographer. I mean…EXCELLENT! He’s a marvelous artist as well. And his collection of other people’s work? Amazing. Simply amazing.

While I was there, he printed me a photo from his archives and matted/signed/framed it for me. Then he drew me a picture. Yep. He drew one for me right then and there. Actually, he drew two for me. Then I drew him one. He liked it, too. Good thing, cuz I’ve not done much drawing in a very long time, let alone draw while someone watched. I was quite nervous about it. Anyhow, I ended up leaving with two original pieces of art, left one behind, and we’re going out shooting today.

We had such a good time talking art and movies and travel and all that sort of stuff. It’s comforting to know I have a gallery/museum buddy and someone to go ‘splorin’ with. He’s an extraordinary gentleman and I like having a new friend. It’s kind of cool.


  1. Very, very cool!! :thumbs:

    Comment by Pam — 2010/09/21 @ 04:30

  2. One can not only be a league, it can be a whole company… if it’s the right person! Sounds like a really cool guy.

    Comment by Jan — 2010/09/21 @ 19:28

  3. Good point, Jan.

    I do believe some people are meant to be a part of our lives. Frankly, I’m ready for a friend who loves art as much as I do.

    Comment by DaGoddess — 2010/09/21 @ 20:31

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