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DaGoddess @ 02:26

Yes, I am in a certain frame of mind.

I saw all this crap flowing through another website. Inferior images. “Products”. “Branding”.

Just because someone slaps the shit together and calls it “photography” doesn’t mean it’s something to get excited over.

Basic rules that should always be observed and are generally ignored:

If you’re a band, you deserve better. Even if someone offers you free half-assed images…you don’t have to use them. This goes for everyone – models, actors, comedians, business people, not just bands. If you’re looking to create a vibe, to brand, then either find someone better to photograph you for free, hire someone, or wait until you get better photos. A bad photo is worse than no photo.

If you’re looking to buy images to decorate your home, you deserve better. Seriously, just forget Aunt Emily’s pictures of the lemons with the stickers from the supermarket still on them and the hummingbird against the nice stucco wall. It ain’t art. It’s snapshots.

If you use someone’s work, credit them for it. If you do use someone else’s work, always ALWAYS give them credit. If the photos are bad, at least other people will know who NOT to hire.

I totally reserve the right to update this list as I see fit. And you can, too. Just add your two cents in the comments. I’d like to hear what advice/rules you have.

In case you’re wondering what brought this on, keep reading.

Here’s what started the whole thing.
“Hey, check out this guys’ site. he went to the [venue xyz] on sat. and took some shots of us. also some video of [artist pdq] if you wanna check it out. most of it being a classic [some band] song called ‘[something something something]’ it’s fun listening to classic [specific genre] lyrics over a bluesy arrangement :) anyway, there’s that and [our website] is up and running. we’re becoming a little more legit everyday i guess”

My response:
“I need to get out there and shoot you guys. As I said on FB, you deserve better. I’d looked at a link you posted yesterday or the day before or whatever and…my heart kind of fell. There’s no heart there, man. Nothing. Find me a couch to sleep on and buy me dinner, gimme a few bucks for gas, and photos are a done deal. Seriously. You know I know what I’m talking about and you know I can make you look good.

I know you’re anxious to get stuff online, but bad photos are worse than no photos. I watch bands, business people, actors, comedians, etc. use photos taken by Uncle Mike or their best friend’s sister’s boyfriend’s former girlfriend they kinda hope to bang and it’s just not worth it. Really, when you can have great photos for basically nothin’…don’t cheap out. Or at least don’t settle for crap that someone took and is calling art. You’re worth more than that.


Sorry. Don’t mean to be a Debbie Downer, I’m just tellin’ you like I see it. You guys have a lot going for you. Don’t settle for pics (yeah, pics…not photos…) that had to be converted to B&W because the color was shitty. Or photos that lack heart. Or photos that have absolutely no movement or emotion to them.

Aim higher, dude.

Love ya”

Bitter and bitchy, yes, I believe my name has been called. Thank God my friend appreciates my candor…even to the point of not being offended when I called the band out in a review of their CD. I’ve just never understood the rush to put inferior crap out there just to have something out there, you know?


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