DaGoddess @ 13:33

Got two new tires on the car yesterday. Yay! Back to being able to drive around without fear of a blowout. Saw that happen on the highway last night and it wasn’t pretty.

Had lunch with MOBD and Little Dude over at Famous Dave’s BBQ. Catfish and tri-tip, cornbread, firecracker green beans (with bacon!), and sweet yellow corn. It was delish. Then off to borrow a flash from MBT and shoot with my friend and his daughter. We put the kids together in the photos as much as they could. Miss A is a year or so younger than LD, but she’s just as tall if not taller, funny, sweet, and super pretty. We insisted upon attitude and got it as both are perfectly dramatic when they need to be. Especially when asked to look like they were boyfriend and girlfriend having a fight. LD has asked that I not post the photos on Facebook and I agreed. Kind of. I did not, however, agree to not post them on Flickr or here. Mwahahahaha!

Big bummer last night: I remembered the sparklers, forgot a lighter. And the car lighter didn’t work. So we’ll try again tonight. Also forgot the 10-22mm lens I’d borrowed from MOBD. D’oh! Very blonde. But at least I was out of the house! After being stuck indoors for two days with a migraine, it was good to get out and just do something, you know?

Gotta go get showered and out of the house for some lunch. MBT is owed food and I will make good on that promise. He just saved my butt, so it’s off we go!


  1. Glad you got new tires. The shoot, the fun… ahhh! Lovely! And that food… heavenly! My mouth is watering…

    Comment by Pam — 2010/07/24 @ 15:00

  2. Yep, tires be good. Shoot be good. And we are back in bidniz

    Comment by DaGoddess — 2010/07/25 @ 02:14

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