Deadliest Catch Season 6 Episode 12 – “Empty Throne”

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As I suspected, I cried during this week’s episode of Deadliest Catch. Captain Phil Harris was sent off to Anchorage following his stroke, accompanied by his son Jake while his other son Josh tried to figure the course of action for himself, for the boat, and for the crew of the Cornelia Marie.

Elsewhere, the Time Bandit got captain-in-training Mike Fourtner’s feet wet as he set his first string of pots. The yield was poor, but the initial test was done.

On the Kodiak, Wild Bill made his deadline for his first offload, but his crew disappointed him by failing to show up in time for curfew.

The Northwestern was on the crab, pleasing Sig. However, Jake Anderson’s mind was on his missing father. When a bridle snapped and a pot went smashing against the side of the boat, Jake was the only one to grab the line and throw it back into the coiler, which upsets Sig. Risky move. Still, Edgar and Sig are keeping an eye on him and it’s apparent that they’re concerned beyond the safety issue.

Josh Harris makes the call to Andy Hillstrand and informs him of Phil’s stroke. Andy calls John and suggests he get to the hospital in Anchorage. The call then goes out to Sig, who is becomes angry and then concerned. Keith on the Wizard is notified and he says a prayer, asking The Big Guy to give Phil a break. Keith then turns out the wheelhouse light for some time to himself. Later, Andy and Sig both call their crews in and give them the news. Jake Anderson understands the fear the Harris boys are experiencing and is visibly upset because he’s always appreciated Phil’s support and encouragement.

Cut to Josh in a plane. After a talk with fellow crewman Freddie Maughtai, who encouraged him to go be with his dad “just in case”, Josh headed to Anchorage, where he’s met by Johnathan Hillstrand. John reminds Josh that millions are praying for Phil and that he’s in good hands. The Harris brothers are reunited and lean on each other for support.

The next couple episodes will focus on Phil and his battle. The Cornelia Marie website will continue to provide information regarding the Harris family and the Cornelia Marie.

The episode ends with the very emotional “Rain” by Jon Heintz, as it did last season when Jake Anderson left upon discovering his sister had died.


  1. Very moving episode, particularly when showing the reactions of the other boat crews upon receiving the news of Phil’s stroke.

    Freddy was right on in suggesting Josh would be better off with his dad. Amongst other thing, Josh’s head just wouldn’t be in the game of catching crab, thus making him a liability, particularly from a safety standpoint.

    And a bunch of crabbers going and getting drunk before returning to crabbing the very next morning? How stupid, as well as dangerous. Wild Bill should’ve fired them all. He seems to have some serious crew issues, which makes me wonder just what kind of captain he is. Though there are a share of screwoffs in every bunch, as well as the occasional clueless greenhorn, all the other boat captains pretty much have reliable, experienced, loyal deckhands. That tends to reflect directly on the captain and his management style, or at least how he treats his crew.

    Comment by diamond dave — 2010/06/30 @ 08:56

  2. Very cool that John Hillstrand was there at the airport when Josh flew in. I have a lot more respect for those two men now. Also very cool the support and genuine dismay from the rest of the fleet.

    DD, I was ready for Bill to fire them too, but I think that guy is caught between a rock and a hardplace right now or he would have.

    Comment by Retired Navy CPO — 2010/06/30 @ 13:18

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