Deadliest Catch – Falling Apart

DaGoddess @ 00:01

Just finished watching episode 11 and it’s…yeah.

On the Time Bandit, John and Andy discussed retirement and who would take over the boat. John’s son Scotty is heir apparent, but hasn’t yet proved to his dad or his uncles that he’s serious about taking over. Deckhand J.J. is too old, according to the elder Hillstrands, and that leaves Mike Fourtner. Fourtner accepts the challenge.

Captain Keith, over on the Wizard, battles his nicotine addiction. Instead of smoking, it’s chew. A call to his daughter puts him back on track and he’s back to chewing gum.

Sig Hansen and Nick Mavar struggle with whether or not to tell Jake Anderson his missing father’s truck was found. In the end, Sig calls Jake to the wheelhouse and has him call his mom. The news is best coming from her.

On the Cornelia Marie, Phil’s realization that his son is an addict hits home. The harsh words uttered at the end of the last episode are followed by Jake’s promise to get treatment and Phil says he’ll go to meetings with him. The crabbing is good, but Phil decides to head back to St. Paul. On the way back, he looks through old photos with his sons. Unfortunately, once back in port, during the offload, Phil collapses. The crew scramble to get him stabilized and help the paramedics get him to the deck and into the ambulance. Once again, I was struck by Josh’s calm, cool demeanor and his ability to stay focused, always thinking of the next step. The episode ends with Josh and Phil in the ambulance, racing toward what we know is inevitable.

Tears flowed freely here as I knew they would. It’s a combination of sadness for the Harris family and friends, for the scared little girl inside of me knowing this day will eventually come for my own parents, and for my dear friend who died four years ago. I honestly don’t know if I can watch the next couple episodes.


  1. I’ve watched the last couple episodes to see what leads up to Capt Phil’s stroke. They have been hard to watch. Jake’s addiction cought me off guard, but I haven’t watched a lot of this seasons shows.

    Rought stuff for sure and I totally see where you are coming from with the folks.

    Comment by Retired Navy CPO — 2010/06/25 @ 09:29

  2. The stuff with Jake was a big shock. But you know what got me? Phil’s outburst and then his encouragement that Jake COULD and WOULD beat this. It was every bit like hearing my dad blow up at me when I was younger.

    It gets more and more difficult to watch. Now that a couple days have passed, I figure I can handle the next episode. Of course, it’ll wreck me, but I expect it to.

    Call me and we can cry through it together.

    Comment by DaGoddess — 2010/06/25 @ 23:24

  3. Replaying the last couple episodes leading up to tonight.

    Comment by Retired Navy CPO — 2010/06/29 @ 19:59

  4. It’ll be at least 24 hours before I can see tonight’s episode. I’m not looking forward to it.

    Comment by DaGoddess — 2010/06/29 @ 23:40

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