Deadliest Catch – I Finally Catch Up

DaGoddess @ 00:46

I just finished watching four episodes and am now caught up. We saw the end of king crab season and jumped into opilio with an ass kicking storm. Major foreshadowing with the intro as the cameras caught some footage in the graveyard.

This season of Deadliest Catch has not been an easy one to watch. Each week that goes by, it’s another episode closer to the final episode with Phil Harris. But it’s not just that. It seems the weather has battered everyone. Tempers flare, fishing hasn’t been consistent, some have had a great deal of turnover in the crew area.

If you haven’t watched any of Season 6 so far, leave me a comment and I’ll catch you up.

In the meantime, for everyone who has been watching, what do you think we’ll see next week? The ice is bad — worse than we’ve seen for the beginning of opie season in a long time. Some of the crews are green. The seas are rough. It seems inevitable that there will be a few close calls. The only question becomes who approaches the danger zone first?

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  1. I’ve been too busy as well to catch up on all the episodes. Seems like I might have missed one.

    Comment by diamond dave — 2010/05/28 @ 11:38

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