It Ain’t Racist!

DaGoddess @ 01:43

You can’t call a Tea Party Rally a racist event if black people are standing up and speaking out!

Just sayin’.

I was not in San Diego for the rally, but I did almost attend one here in town. Small glitch prevented me from getting there, but when I move in June, my new roommate is fully on board and will haul my ass out there whether or not I want to attend. Gotta love having a roomie like that.

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  1. I missed the tea party out here… once again they’re having them on… WORK DAYS. *sigh* I have so much stuff going on there’s no way I could take off for 5-6 hours for a rally. Oh well. Some day I guess.

    Comment by Teresa — 2010/04/16 @ 13:30

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