Deadliest Catch – Season 6, Episode 1

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A brief overview of the season premiere. I managed to get hold of a copy of the opening episode of Deadliest Catch season six and the lump in my throat isn’t eased at all when I see the opening graphic: “This season is dedicated to all the souls sacrificed to the sea.”

We know what happens to Captain Phil Harris, but here he is on the screen… “if you want to be stressed out, if you want to be cranky, hungry, and tired, run a crab boat. The funny part about it is I wouldn’t trade it for the world.”

And there’s Captain Keith Colburn talking about being attacked. The Hillstrand Brothers are angry. The Harris Boys’ voices fade in with “we’re just give you oxygen here. They gotta check your pulse, Dad. Don’t worry, it’s gonna be okay…” Laughter is mixed in, as are past seasons’ arguments. The Coast Guard is there rescuing people from the water. Sig doesn’t have a good feeling about the King crab season.

That’s just the first few opening moments.

The skirmish between Keith and Johnathan is all about a bar conversation Keith had with one of Johnathan’s deckhands. Keith is pushed down. The other captains intervene and everyone disperses. But that’s not the only kerfuffle amongst fishermen. Seems the Harris Boys are fighting again over who’s the boss and what that means.

Phil approaches Sig and it’s decided that they’ll trade Jakes. Jake Anderson heads over to the Cornelia Marie and Jake Harris heads over to the Northwestern. It’s time. Everyone’s in need of a change.

Cut to the quick and dirty, the new boat, the Kodiak, is helmed by the Hillstrand’s friend Wild Bill. And there’s another boat out there, a cod fisher named the Carly Renee, gets into trouble. It capsizes and crab boat Guardian is on scene for the rescue. Thanks to video on a cell phone, there’s coverage of the event.

The season is off to a rough start and it looks, by all accounts, to be tough all the way around. Forget the initial calm waters (in the ocean…not between friends), it’s not going to be pretty.

Tuesdays are going to back to nailbiting night. I’ll have to start wearing protective gloves. I’ll probably start poppin’ Rolaids, too.

That said, the episode ends with the Cornelia Marie is at the top of the leader board for catch. Small consolation.

Part of me watches — with a heavy heart — because we know that it’s Phil’s last King season. Part of me will watch to see a man do the job he loves as long as he possibly can. And we can’t forget the rest of the fleet. I watch because of them, too. Sadly, no matter what, we know where this will eventually lead. I can only pray that no other lives are lost, but it’s already a done deal.

Will you be watching this season? If so, stop by and share your thoughts.


  1. Haven’t gotten a chance to really watch the whole thing yet, but did catch a few tidbits. Not sure exactly what’s going on between Keith and John, but think it should’ve been handled privately between the two rather than a public scene. And it is kinda sad to watch the scenes with Phil, knowing it’s his last season alive.

    Comment by diamond dave — 2010/04/14 @ 21:47

  2. I think the thing with Keith and John is more a result of people spending much more time together (five plus seasons of PR touring and appearances) than they normally would. When all is said and done, I’m pretty sure they’re still friends. More like a couple kids coming to blows on the playground but still having each other’s back in the long run. It’s a brotherhood, you know?

    As for Phil, I don’t think any of us are going to be watching and not feel the loss. I try to celebrate, knowing he was doing what he loved to do, but it’s hard to do when you know what’s coming.

    Comment by DaGoddess — 2010/04/14 @ 22:09

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