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DaGoddess @ 17:29

Show of hands: who’s really dug into the lyrics from Crowded House? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Absolutely brilliant stuff. Dig in deep, my friends. I’ve always loved them. Always. Even when Neil Finn was with Split Enz. (I know I’ve blogged this before…somewhere in the “lost archives”…) And even since then.

You probably remember this Split Enz tune:

But this is the song I loved:

Bringing this back full circle, here’s one of the sweetest tunes from Crowded House (for the official video, watch one). This version is beautiful, too:

I know, I know, you were waiting for me to lob “Don’t Dream it’s Over” your way. Nope. You already know that song. But the pictures they paint within that song are rather amazing, aren’t they? Try “Four Seasons In One Day”. Try “Weather With You”. Try…the whole damn song library.


  1. Heh! (name dropping here): my sister used to live in Australia in an apt next to the Finns. She was big friends with all the guys in Split Enz. They did laundry together! She was also in with the guys in Men at Work. This was back in the day, just as those bands were hitting it. I was just a young teenager then and thought my sister was a ROCKSTAR! Those were the days!

    Comment by DogsDontPurr — 2010/03/15 @ 18:41

  2. Hmmm.. thanks for the inspiration to get some Crowded House mp3s… :) Always been a fan of their stuff, love singing ‘Don’t Dream It’s Over’ at Karaoke, although no one really cares for it.. maybe I don’t sing it well.. lol :)

    Comment by Les Zaldor — 2010/03/15 @ 20:54

  3. I love Crowded House. Always have, always will!

    Comment by Leanne — 2010/03/16 @ 15:30

  4. Marcie: Color me green with envy!

    Les: screw what anyone else thinks! Sing your heart out! (Just pick a different tune and surprise the hell out of everyone)

    Leanne: Good guys, good music, and good for us for having the good sense to recognize all of the above.

    Comment by DaGoddess — 2010/03/16 @ 15:54

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