Southward Journey

DaGoddess @ 15:30

Tomorrow I head out to Phoenix for a few days. I’m covering a blues festival for a magazine. Yeah, you read that right. I’m also hanging out with the his own bad self. Maybe I’ll even get to see Miachelle this time around!

Also, it looks as though I may have another shoot while I’m in town there. It could be a very good thing. Very good.

Once again, as I pack, I’m wondering if I bring the laptop or leave it behind. Temple has a computer and I’m sure he’d let me check email. But, what if I need the computer to offload images? What then? Or am I just making this more complicated than it needs to be? All I know is I’m super limited on pain meds and hauling a bunch of extra stuff doesn’t exactly sound fun.

And, is it too much to ask that the rain not fall in AZ on Saturday? I just want that happy little window of dry so that I can properly photograph the bands and the crowd. That’s not a selfish request, is it?

Okay, back to finishing up my laundry and packing and gear prep. So much to do. So very much to do.


  1. Hope you have a GREAT trip, girl! :thumbs:

    Comment by Pam — 2010/02/25 @ 09:20

  2. still sounding like vegas was a good move for you :)

    Comment by patti — 2010/03/02 @ 15:20

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