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It may seem a little odd to call an article a love note, but it is. Or rather, they are. There are three articles that must be read together in order to get the full picture. The first: Roger Ebert in Esquire. Then Roger Ebert’s Last Words. Finally, there’s Ethan Hill’s post about setting up the shoot. Hmm, you know, perhaps you should read Ethan’s story first. It sets it all up beautifully.

I’ve spent a long time looking at the main photograph used for the piece and I’m struck at how loving and gentle it is. It’s not an easy photo to view, especially for those who haven’t spent time with anyone who’s suffered from a disease that robs you of body parts or causes horrific scarring. Me? I can’t say I’ve seen it all, but I have seen a lot. Still, it was a bit of a shock to see that iconic face so transformed. Yet the eyes…they’re still as bright and lively as ever, aren’t they?

Accompanying the photo are the words that truly paint a picture in only the loveliest of colors and strokes. The absolute respect Chris Jones and Ethan Hill hold for Roger Ebert are apparent. Ebert’s response is respectful and he gets the whole deal. He’s a writer; he knows.

I look at the photos and read the words and I suddenly feel this gaping void where my talent should be. And then I find myself not worrying about it because these three men have created something that transcends mere words and images — they’ve created an experience. They’ve created a love note for all of us to share.

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