Outtakes From The Sheet Game

DaGoddess @ 19:02

Little Mr. Fuzzy Face just before LD got here.


PJ again

PJ being as cute as can be

Yes, he’s well aware that he’s handsome.


  1. Awww. Great shots! Ole blue eyes. Kitties always make me melt.

    Comment by DogsDontPurr — 2009/12/29 @ 01:25

  2. Wow… beautiful! You should enter this post in the carnival of the cats… :biggrin:

    Comment by Pam — 2009/12/29 @ 06:41

  3. Carnival of cats? Say it ain’t so!

    Comment by DaGoddess — 2009/12/29 @ 19:31

  4. SO incredibly handsome! Those eyes are gorgeous!

    (The Carnival of cats hasn’t been doing too much lately, so it’s probably not worth submitting.)

    Comment by jan — 2009/12/30 @ 12:53

  5. Perhaps PJ is the perfect reason for the CofC to get their act together again… :rofl:

    Comment by DaGoddess — 2009/12/30 @ 13:38

  6. And P.S. he’s super super super soft. I’ve never met a softer kitty cat in the entire world.

    Comment by DaGoddess — 2009/12/30 @ 13:38

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