Who Man?

DaGoddess @ 23:45

Blue Man.

We saw the Blue Man Group tonight. Now, I gotta tell you: they’ve always sort of freaked me out. That whole bald, no ears, blue face thing is kinda freaky. But the show was fantastic. So much aural and visual play.

Little Dude loved it! Buster did, too. Three for three is pretty good.

Is it weird that I found a typo in the onslaught of text they flash at the beginning of the show? Yeah. I totally found one in the nano second it was on the screen. “It’s” instead of “its”. Yep. That’s so me. I wonder who I’d contact about that…

LD got a drum lesson today. He’d been given the okay to try the drums any time, which he did. Then Buster got home from an appointment and I had to get ready for our evening, so I told LD to ask B for some pointers. And there you have it. The boys at play.

Gotta say, this has been a nice week thus far.

Tomorrow is our mini-Christmas. Nothing big, just a nice little day of sharing and hanging out.


  1. *I* never got to play the drums. That is SO totally unfair!

    Comment by Jan — 2009/12/23 @ 07:13

  2. So glad the visit is going well! Hug LD for me! :hug:

    Comment by Pam — 2009/12/23 @ 08:05

  3. Jan, drums aplenty here.

    Pam, rest assured I’ve hugged this kid far beyond his comfort level. He may be hugged out.

    Comment by DaGoddess — 2009/12/23 @ 15:24

  4. Merry Christmas, Joanie! Gosh, John and I are so far behind in catching up with our friends.
    email me your phone number – I want to know everything that’s going on, because I have not been paying attention like I should!

    Love you, sweetie!


    Comment by Beth Donovan — 2009/12/25 @ 20:07

  5. Oh, and I LOVE the Blue Man Group Show – we have seen it twice – wonder if it has changed lately?

    Comment by Beth Donovan — 2009/12/25 @ 20:09

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