Fire Sticks

DaGoddess @ 02:13

I got to the airport and was in the process of checking in to get my pass to meet Little Dude at the gate when I got a call. “Mom, where are you?” The plane got in early. As in thirty minutes early. Yikes! I was stuck in line and ended up working out something with the very nice Southwest employee who was watching over my boy. I went racing to the baggage area, hoping I’d make it in time. There was plenty.

When I finally did see LD, I couldn’t help myself. I ran to him, threw my arms around, kissed him about a hundred times, cried, and then finally, after he said he couldn’t breathe (really, that’s what he said) I hugged him again and let him go. He’s grown at least another inch or two. And his feet! Good God, that boy has some boats on him. Size 10 already. Sheesh!

We got out to the car, got his bag into the trunk, and headed for home. We stopped at Fatburger and headed home with the food. Buster got home not long after, but by then LD had already wolfed down his. It was a big burger, too. I guess the boy was hungry.

LD and Buster hit it off right away. They started off sharing fries and before too long, they were talking music and playing with sticks in a fire Buster made in the back yard. Boys and fire. At some point, I stopped saying anything because they were having way too much fun without my input. The highlight was them letting their sticks catch on fire and just watch them burn for a bit. What’s a girl to do?

The cat took to LD right away, too.

I think it’s going to be a very good week.


  1. Hey,

    I’m glad everything is off to a great start. Have fun with LD, and have a Merry Christmas!

    Comment by Miachelle — 2009/12/21 @ 08:01

  2. Yay! Can’t wait to see pictures! :nana:

    Comment by Pam — 2009/12/21 @ 09:48

  3. Hit the button prematurely!

    Hope y’all have a GREAT time!!! :hug:

    Comment by Pam — 2009/12/21 @ 09:48

  4. Well, yay to all that! Pepper used to love to play in the sheets when I was making the bed, so I look forward to the pictures!

    Ooo, FIRE……………….. :thumbs:

    Comment by Jan — 2009/12/21 @ 10:21

  5. Smiling big for you and your son… :may:

    Comment by Mrs. Who — 2009/12/21 @ 11:45

  6. Glad to hear he made it okay, if a bit prematurely. Sure you didn’t complain. :hug:

    Comment by diamond dave — 2009/12/21 @ 16:35

  7. Enjoy your time…I’m so happy for you.

    Comment by Jason — 2009/12/21 @ 20:12

  8. Great that you have the boy back with you even if only for a short break. Hope you have a great Christmas too.

    Oh, and its nice to be able to read your blog – I still haven’t figured out why the Ayatollahs block it!

    Comment by The Gray Monk — 2009/12/22 @ 00:35

  9. Happy Happy! So great that your boy hit it off with your buddy. Sometimes that can be the most difficult thing to work out. But, then again, your kid sounds like a cool kid….that even I, the total non-kid person, would love!

    Cheers to a fabulous New Year!

    Comment by DogsDontPurr — 2009/12/22 @ 01:08

  10. Fire is a bonding agent for men and boys.

    Comment by Retired Navy CPO — 2009/12/22 @ 12:03

  11. Yay! Glad he made it. Have a most wonderful Christmas!!!

    Comment by Teresa — 2009/12/23 @ 11:05

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