Mysterious Ways

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There’s that old saying, “the Lord works in mysterious ways.” Yes, indeed.

I woke up not feeling terribly on my game today. Yesterday. Whatever. (It’s just after midnight and still “today” to me.) My back was doing very bad things. I was having odd pains. It just wasn’t how I wanted to wake up feeling.

I knew I had to do whatever it took to get to feeling better because I had a trip to the airport ahead of me. I also figured there’d be a long conversation or two coming up and I wanted to be prepared for whatever, how ever long it took.

I didn’t count on a few other things that happened though. Not by a long shot.

Like, what the hell was REO Speedwagon doing playing a gig for ice dancers? With Rick Springfield? On NBC today. What’s up with that? Insanity? A sign of the apocalypse? No, wait…the sign was the long haired male ice dancer (the blond) who started rockin’ out way too enthusiastically behind the band at the end. And Rick “wanna play my guitar with me, little skater girl” Springfield cozying up behind some skater babe. It was bizarre. In the extreme.

And the day only got weirder after that.

To start, I met a couple who used to live in San Diego. One of the first things the woman asked was, “are you into the blues?” I think my emphatic response was suitably convincing. And there were a few other questions she asked that made me smile, that gave me hope. One of the questions was, “how much do you charge for photographing a band?” Another question was one that was appended with an observation that kind of thrilled me. Nothing major. Nothing that really needs to be shared with the general populace, just something that struck a chord and made me smile.

I guess I should backtrack a bit. Okay. So, I drove to the airport — sans directions (I was feeling confident) — to pick up Buster. I made it there on time and without problem. He didn’t quite understand where I was parked, as I bucked his “system” and didn’t park where he normally parked, but we still found each other without fail. However, I wasn’t allowed to drive home. No, he wanted to take control. Fine, fine. Such a guy thing. Whatever. Anyhow, he asked if I wanted to go see a show because his friend had just texted him about this thing (he was performing and they wanted a good audience) and of course I said yes. I’m a show whore, apparently. Tell me there’s something amazing going on and I’m all over it. Anyhow, despite the jet lag, Buster was up for this as well.

So we get to the Hilton and find B’s friend (the guitarist) and they start talking and suddenly it’s all, “oh, there’s that bassist…” which led to us going over to talk to the guy who, in turn, ends up being one half of the couple who used to live in San Diego. That led to our discussion of a variety of things, which led to some possible work. Synchronicity, baby. Not only are they into blues, they’re also into jazz. He plays bass. She sings. She also acts. And I now have the names and numbers of about 40 different people I “should really know here in town for the kind of work” I do. Yeah. (See this? :D I’m smiling.)

Oh, the show? Fantastic! Lani Misalucha stars in “Voices”. This woman is phenomenal. I can’t think of any other way to put it. She has a beautiful voice, a fun sense of humor, and she’s surrounded by a lot of talent. It was simply one of the most amazing couple hours I’ve spent here. She sang everything from Britney Spears to “Nessun Dorma” (from Turandot). Her range was incredible. And she had a little “voice trouble”. If that’s her show with a little voice trouble…I mean, seriously, this woman has some major pipes. Anyhow, if you’re coming to Vegas, look up “Voices” at the Hilton. You won’t be sorry. (I kind of can’t wait to have LD here because I want him to see the show…somehow…some way…)

The mysterious ways…as if I needed something more beyond the great entertainment, followed by a very good light dinner, I came home to find a special something in the mail. After crying and hugging Buster and then crying some more, let’s just say that it was really one of the most significant pieces of mail I’ve ever received. Everything is much clearer. Everything is starting to make sense a little more than it did before.

Thank you, God. Thank you.

I can breathe a little better now.

P.S. The cat is ignoring me as I suspected.


  1. :pray:

    Comment by patti — 2009/11/30 @ 04:47

  2. YES! :nana:

    Comment by Pam — 2009/11/30 @ 06:13

  3. And no one can ignore as well as a cat!

    Glad things are looking up :thumbs:

    Comment by Jan — 2009/11/30 @ 09:58

  4. I’m glad a ray of sunshine found you! You deserve it, and I hope there is more to come.

    Comment by Miachelle — 2009/11/30 @ 18:42

  5. Faint but persevering I’m trying to keep up, but I’m a bit late. I hope all is going well with you and that you’ve finally turned a corner… of course life is never all smooth sailing, but can I hope for calm waters for you for a while. :thumbs:

    Comment by Teresa — 2009/12/02 @ 21:58

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