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DaGoddess @ 03:38

If you could read my mind, you’d be able to tell me who the bald character actor is who I can’t place at the moment. I wanna say he usually plays a nerdy guy or the goofy neighbor. You would also know that I had a chance to talk with him briefly last night and that he is really adorable in person.

Please…someone…get inside my head, see the image stored therein, and tell me who he was.

Update: It was the fantastic Kerr who played Noel Shempsky on Frasier. And to Patrick Kerr: I’d like to say thank you for the kind welcome to this amazing place.


  1. I bet he’s a lot nicer in person than he was on the show. ;)

    Comment by Pam — 2009/11/13 @ 06:13

  2. “Noel” was sweet, but nerdy. Perhaps you’re thinking of “Bulldog” (played by Dan Butler) who was brash and womanizing and whom I’m sure is wonderful in real life, too.

    Comment by DaGoddess — 2009/11/13 @ 09:35

  3. Oh, I loved him in Jeffrey! Please tell him so if you see him again. :)

    Comment by Erin — 2009/11/13 @ 13:32

  4. Wow. You’ve moved on up!

    Comment by Jason — 2009/11/14 @ 09:41

  5. Vin Diesel? :biggrin:

    Comment by patti — 2009/11/21 @ 17:29

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