A Rash of Ideas

DaGoddess @ 04:43

I started this rash thing (inner aspect of my upper right arm) a couple days ago. Didn’t itch too much. At first. Now? It’s all I can think about. I may need to excise it from my body. Ooh, I could make my arms skinny again! But it’d probably be too gross to do at home. Not to mention the fact that I have none of the supplies and that I may be ambidextrous to some extent, but not with sewing/suturing.

Let’s see…what else? Hair. Mine. My son hates it — “Mom, didn’t I say your hair was your identifier?” My pirate friend hates it — “What did I tell you about cutting those long gorgeous golden locks, wench?!” My mom loves my haircut. I told her I thought it was too short and she said, “no no no no…it looks cute!” Okay then. She wins. I’m actually coming around to it as well. I knew I would. If I could get highlights done properly, I’d LOVE it. Eh, low on the list.

Spent a couple hours at my mom’s yesterday and we had some interesting conversations. We rambled. It was good. She tried to get me hooked on a crazy puzzle and I resisted. Mostly. A little. Somewhat. Okay, I tried the damn thing and couldn’t figure it out. Happy now? It’s a number puzzle. Not sudoku. I love those things and I’ll do ’em. But this thing was…it wasn’t good. I didn’t like it and I couldn’t figure it out. Therefore, I dislike it. Lots. However, I did learn through the course of this debacle that her special pencil sharpener she uses for her artwork died. I took the whole thing apart, cleaned it thoroughly, replaced the batteries, and then put it back together. Errreerrrrerrererrererrrrrrr….nothing. So, as an early Christmas gift, she’s getting a new one. It’s the least I can do.

Also, we discovered we both love watching Food Network’s Challenge because it’s totally fun. Crazy cakes? Check. Crazier creations? Check. The occasionally INSANE contestants? Oh yeah. Then we started talking about Ultimate Cakeoff on TLC. Thankfully, Bronwen Weber, Courtney Clark, Jason Ellis, and Norman Davis are talented and delightful, and none of them are the crazy that puts out flaming monstrosities that scare judges, children, and local fire marshalls. We love our good bakers and decorators. I have a few other names to add, but she wasn’t in the mood to try that game yesterday.

I also went looking for the plastic robot puzzle keychain* that I know is lurking somewhere around her house. She pointed me in various directions to help me find it. The elusive item remains unfound. For now. I’ll try again on Thursday. Oh, and I’m taking over the old P&S camera to get a photo of something special. (Working with limited tools means I won’t turn it into an all day shoot.)

Lots of stuff to get done this week. Have to get rid of a lot of the extra stuff cluttering up the place and I’m hoping to borrow my bro-in-law or sister’s truck or station wagon to get it moved out of here.

* a couple sites I’ve found and hold clues as to what I’m seeking and I finally found ITEM!

The robot puzzle keychain I want!

It’s on eBay. But really? Twenty bucks? I’m going to keep digging around until I exhaust every corner of both parents’ homes. If not, eBay here I come! (I desperately want more than one…one to hold onto and tuck away into a display case — okay TWO for the display — and one or two for my keyring.)

I’m such a pitbull sometimes. I don’t give up on this stuff, do I? Now if only I could find my motorcycle girl action figure that was only about 6″ tall…


  1. Just keep swimming – Dory

    Comment by patti — 2009/10/13 @ 07:01

  2. Wonder what the rash could be??

    Comment by Pam — 2009/10/13 @ 10:49

  3. It’s itchy and driving me crazy. That’s all that matters.

    Comment by DaGoddess — 2009/10/13 @ 15:27

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