PROMPTuesday #72 – We’ve Achieved Time Travel!

DaGoddess @ 01:17

The Prompt shifted to Wednesday in some places and in others, it mysteriously appeared on Thursday. Weird, huh? Crazy! Fun!! All sorts of wacky shenanigans happen when you’re creative, stuck in P.T., dealing with hives of unknown origin, and when there’s homework.

This week, we’ve been challenged to include the words: folder (yes, it must be used twice or you lose mega points and you’ll make Toots cry. NOBODY GETS TO MAKE TOOTS CRY BECAUSE I WILL HUNT THEM DOWN AND MAKE THEM CRY TOO!), ice, pet, money, stick. Are you ready? Set? Go!!!!!

On a rather hot day this week, I noticed something amiss in the folder in which I normally keep my list of tasks to be done. This is not the be confused with my folder in which I keep my list of things that someone else needs to do things. Yes, there’s a lot to be done, but it takes two folders to keep everything organized. My “to do” folder is a pretty pink with brown and green dots. The other “to do” folder is brown with blue and green stripes. I keep both those folders in a large mint green file folder. You know, to be all tidy and stuff. Also in the big file folder, I have several more folders for various items. One holds signed model releases. One holds orders. One holds receipts for everything related to orders, shipping, and supplies. One holds an envelope with money for when we’re out at events. Another holds a small stick which was brought to me by someone’s pet monkey which was eating ice cream on said stick when I encountered them in the park one day. About the only thing missing from the big ol’ folder is a photograph of the ice cream eating monkey. I do possess such a photograph, though, and it’s very special because the photo of the person’s pet monkey eating ice cream won me money in a contest. I do, however, carry the certificate of my award in the main folder and a copy of the check, as well as a copy of the actual money in another folder.

I think I need to find these people again because I think they have the photo of their pet monkey, which is the item missing from my folder. I guess I better give them a call. Maybe we can meet for chocolate dipped ice cream bars on sticks on the day we make the exchange. Hopefully, they’ll bring their pet again, too. I’m hiding my folder, especially the part of the folder with the money in it.

And there you have it. My brain on a blog after P.T. (which I started again yesterday).

P.S. Can someone send me an email or comment and remind me about Jimmy Mack, please?

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  1. Holy moly! :rofl:

    Comment by Pam — 2009/09/10 @ 06:50

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