Well-Earned Downtime and Deadliest Catch

DaGoddess @ 14:14

I’ve earned my “day off” today. Yesterday was long and hot and pretty damn wonderful, but it was exhausting. Tomorrow, while another homecoming, won’t be nearly so complicated nor as long. Of course, there’s the added pressure of shooting another photographer’s family during homecoming, but I think I’ll be okay. She’s seen my work. She knows what I’m about.

Got up a little earlier than I normally would have today, but for a good reason. My friend TSgt and his family were in town. We’d missed getting together yesterday since homecoming ran long and they had another engagement last evening. We made up for it this morning with breakfast and a quick shoot in the park. They weren’t expecting that, but there was no way I was going to let them get away with photos. The kids have grown so much and they all look so good, I just had to!

And now it’s time to unwind. I’ll take a little nap. Follow that with a nosh of leftover spaghetti or Top Ramen or something. Then I’ll spend my evening with the Bad Boys of the Bering Sea while I edit photos. After that, I’ll curl up and enjoy a good night’s sleep before I start the insanity all over again.

I’m kinda lovin’ it. I just wish this were the money-making part. That’ll come soon enough though, right?


  1. That just about sounds like the perfect afternoon – with a bit of tweaking to personalise, of course – ‘Dr Who’ instead of fish; gluten free noodles; a small mountain of chocolate, etc.

    Comment by tinsenpup — 2009/07/07 @ 17:50

  2. small mountain of chocolate? Where? WHERE??

    Comment by DaGoddess — 2009/07/07 @ 19:52

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