Answers to Questions Not Asked

DaGoddess @ 12:54

Valuable lesson in my inbox today. Again, from Syl Arena’s Lessons I Didn’t Learn in Photo School series (this time,

So the answers to questions not asked are always important to hear as well as to retain. I learned that when I was interviewing many of the blues acts back in the day. Just being ready to go where the interview leads can require special preparation, but it’s worth it. Sometimes you end up having to ditch the rest of your questions because someone is so forthcoming and willing to open up to you, take you in a direction you didn’t anticipate. Photography, friends, family, LIFE can do this, too. You have to be ready; you have to be willing; you have to be able.

And like the all-knowing sage that he is, Syl nailed this one in the timely manner he always does.

I’ll let you go read the rest of his lessons and guess which others were nail-on-head-hitting, too. As I’ve mentioned before, these aren’t just photography-related tips and observations — they’re life lessons, baby!

Syl is my top feed subscription. I know when I see PixSylated, I’m in for something special.

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