Gone Fishin’

DaGoddess @ 04:00

I’m officially NOT here. But I had to share some of the sights we saw last Saturday on the way home from the blues bash.

Julian 2009

Julian 2009

Julian 2009


  1. Nice fence post. :biggrin:

    Hope you’re having fun!!! :toast:

    Comment by pamibe — 2009/06/27 @ 06:40

  2. Nice pics. That’s the kind of scenery that makes me want to romp around and roll in the grass, like a caged-in Labrador retriever discovering freedom.

    Comment by diamond dave — 2009/06/27 @ 07:59

  3. I love it when you share sights.

    Comment by Cheri @ Blog This Mom! — 2009/06/27 @ 08:33

  4. I am officially NOT commenting. But I love the first one.

    Comment by Lloyd — 2009/06/27 @ 13:27

  5. Glad y’all like. I’m not officially commenting either. Just stopped by to see if anyone else had been here.

    Alaska is AWESOME! Wait until you see the photos!

    And there was MOOSE! And a bald eagle. And Caribou. And…golden eagle, squirrel (moose and squirrel), a cool bunny, a HUGE ass cat, dogs (lots and lots of dogs, which make me happy), and the mosquitoes.

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2009/06/27 @ 19:21

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