First OpLove Shots

DaGoddess @ 08:00

I did something different for this first shot. I was looking to try some paint techniques, mainly because I think this little guy deserved something special (he’s my new boyfriend and all, you know). I’ll post the original and mom and dad will get the original, but I wanted to run this other technique past an audience.

What do you think?

Painterly Boy

Without over-painting


  1. I prefer #2. I’m trying to think from the point of view of a parent being stuck overseas, and which image of my kid I’d like better. I’m thinking the less affected image would be my 1st choice.

    But then agian there are things I like about the 1st one too. I like the more vibrant colors for sure. Maybe try doing the 2nd one less muted???

    Comment by Stu — 2009/06/25 @ 09:00

  2. Seriously in love with the second image! What a handsome little guy! :)

    Comment by pamibe — 2009/06/25 @ 10:01

  3. Pic #1 Looks artsy-fartsy. I do like it “BUT” if it was an oil on canvas.

    Pic #2 Is ideal, as Stu says above, if you are away from the person. :bearflag:

    Comment by JihadGene — 2009/06/25 @ 12:02

  4. Second one it is then!

    Comment by DaGoddess — 2009/06/25 @ 12:24

  5. Oh, and Great Leader, WP tried to call you spam. I sure thwarted those plans, didn’t I?

    Comment by DaGoddess — 2009/06/25 @ 13:39

  6. Sounds like you’ve made your decision, so I’m late with an opinion, but I like the second one better too. I bet the original is precious!

    Comment by Chris — 2009/06/25 @ 14:23

  7. The second shot is pretty close to SOOC. It was a bit soft on the focus. I have other photos of Little B, but I haven’t processed them yet

    Comment by DaGoddess — 2009/06/25 @ 17:48

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