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DaGoddess @ 17:10

Deadliest Catch is on tonight!

Just sayin’.

Final run for king crab tonight. Gotta find out who hits big and who hits a snag.

LD and I are ready. I think we’re going to make some snacks and settle in for a good evening of TV. Gotta get myself in an Alaska state of mind.


  1. Be sure to dump buckets of icewater over yourselves to simulate those cold waves washing over the boats. That’ll get you in an Alaska state of mind.

    Comment by diamond dave — 2009/05/19 @ 19:08

  2. I’m going for more of the Midnight Sun thing.

    Comment by DaGoddess — 2009/05/19 @ 19:41

  3. Boy, Jake was sure a bitch last night, wasn’t he? I can sympathize with wanting to learn more and being blown off, but he keeps forgetting he’s with a very clannish crew that has a hard time fully trusting anyone outside their circle. He’s fortunate to have made it this far on the Northwestern. Sig and Edgar have impeccable safety records, mostly because of their close-knit crew and the fact that they all know their jobs without being told. Jake needs to step outside himself and just do what he’s told until they’re ready for him to do more.

    And, once again, I hate seeing the Cornelia Marie pulling nothing but blanks. I like Murray, and don’t want to see him fall flat on his face. But I admire the crew for breaking the tension with their “mohawk” thing, whether or not it’ll work, rather than taking it all out on each other. And the captain of the Lisa Marie needs to have a crew meeting and tell them to lay off of each other. Frustrations and foul words are one thing, but direct challenges to fight (“wanna come up here and make me do it?”) will sooner or later start a physical confrontation. And I’m with Capt’n Keith on this one – fists start flying, bags start packing.

    So do we get to see the Time Bandit crew lounging around and spending their money while the rest of the boats finish crabbing?

    Comment by diamond dave — 2009/05/20 @ 11:07

  4. The mohawks and stowaway made the whole show for me.

    Jake A. is getting that seasoned grumble in his gut. Good for him. He does need to realize that attitude is half the battle, though.

    I think Murray will end up doing a good job. There’s still a couple days left.

    Comment by DaGoddess — 2009/05/21 @ 05:05

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