Memphis In Just a Few Hours

DaGoddess @ 10:00

Seats will fill, lights will start to dim. People will be standing and craning their necks, hoping for a glimpse of this person or that. “Did you see B.B.?” one will ask. “I thought I saw Pinetop over there.” whispers another.

Others are simply too nervous to move even an inch in their seats for fear that the spell will break.

Among the people in those seats are people I know. People who are up for awards. People who have breathed life into the music that moves people and causes them to dance and smile. In one category alone, I find myself pulling VERY strongly for one act, strongly for another, and wishing well to a third participant. The first act — they are my friends. They have encouraged me and my son, they have provided me genuine laughter and friendship. The next group — they have extended kindness to me personally and entertained me well. The final act — she offered me a room in her home should I choose to visit. She may not have been sober when making the offer, but she is geniunely kind and talented and she’d come through. I want for each to win, but they can’t. They’re up for the same award. Against kids. The kids are good, but they’re not as good as these three. And in my heart of hearts I want my homeboys to take the rest to school and show ’em how it’s done. Keep chanting with me: Chris and Patrick! Chris and Patrick! Chris and Patrick!

The guys took third in the iternational songwriting contest against a lot of other talented people. They won THIRD! That’s noting to poo poo. It’s a big deal. But now? Now they’re up for a bigger award and I want them to win in the biggest way! Think: Chris and Patrick Chris and Patrick Chris and Patrick.

Other people I know will be there. But my eyes are on the prize in one category. Best New Artist Debut. They belong there and they belong in best traditional and they belong nominated for top honors, too.

Listen witih me here and cheer your asses off my friends.

May have been third in a songwriting contest but it’s first in my book:
Mr. Coffee
A personal favorite:
Stop & Think About It
Everyone has somethin’ to confess
Confessin the Blues
And for my son

I love my guys. Love ’em to pieces. They email to check in on us. They mail just to say hi. They smile when we approach. They know we believe. And we do believe. I hope that belief found its way out into the universe as it should have because Chris James and Patrick Rynn are due a major win.

Win, lose, or draw, we love you, guys. You’re the best. THE BEST!

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