Dom DeLuise – He Made Me Laugh, Now I Cry

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The Twelve Chairs, The End, Silent Movie, Sherlock Holmes’ Smarter Brother, History of the World: Part I, and Part II, Haunted Honeymoon, Cannonball Run, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, Wholly Moses and Fatso, and every other movie DeLuise did will always be on my list of favorites.

It was one of those unwritten rules in our house: if there’s a movie with Dom in it, everything else stops. Even better, if there’s Mel Brooks or Burt Reynolds, too.

We used to watch Win, Lose, Or Draw, just hoping Dom would be on. I even tried out for the show because I wanted to be on his team. I wanted to laugh so hard I’d cry and run the risk of wetting myself on nationally syndicated television. It would have been worth it to have Dom DeLuise be the cause of the laughter.

Precious few men could incite the same level of angst and pathos and lovability in a single role. Maybe Gene Wilder. But that would be as close as you get, I think.

The funny guy with the heart of gold, the loyal friend who was always there, the man who valued his family. All apt descriptions of Dom DeLuise. Yet they only speak about a small part of a man who was seemingly everywhere.

From DomDeLuise.com:

The never-limited Dom DeLuise has also appeared at New York’s Metropolitan Opera several seasons between1990 and 1997 in “Die Fledermaus.” He has also performed at the White house for presidents including President Ford, President Reagan, President Bush Sr. and President Clinton.

Who knew? And there are a million other ways we’ll never know how many lives he touched. Through charitable causes, through movie making, especially movies aimed at children, like my favorite: Fievel and Tiger.

And thus a friendship was born. A pair of lonely ones who were meant to be a two-o, a duo. No matter the role, no matter the character, Dom wasn’t alone. You didn’t put him there alone. Because it was so much more fun to have others join in the fun that you knew would occur whenever he was around.

I had a dream. I wanted a simple evening with him. A mellow dinner, a few laughs, a few tears from laughing so hard, and then hug that somehow sealed the deal — somehow, I’d become a part of the DeLuise world for just a few minutes or hours. And perhaps I’d leave with a giggle over a joke he told or because he’d snuck a piece of pie onto my car seat. It would have been the sweetest memory of all. Squishy, certainly, but from the heart.

Goodbye, Dom! Thank you for making four generations of this family laugh. When you see my grandparents up there, accept the pork roast and meatloaf, but make up your own mind on Millie’s city chicken, okay? Ask George for a snappy performance, something you can dance to. Something you could make all your own.

And since this came my way this week, it’s only right to share it. It was a delight.

We’ll miss you, Dom, Our condolensces to Carol, David, Peter, and Michael. And to all of you who were touched by his amazing wit.

For the kids at heart amongst us:

Tg: I like butterflies with big golden wings, and blue and green tips.
Fv: Me Too!
Tg: I like swiss-cheese ice cream.
Fv: Me too, me too!
Tg: You too too? Wait a minute, what’s your favorite book?
Fv: Hmm, Why, the Brothers Karamousov.
Tg: The brothers…(wheezing laugh) I can’t believe it, I can’t believe it (purrs).

Begin the actual singing.
Tg: I can tell,
we’ve got an awful lot,
in common,
even though,
we look as different as can be!
We don’t even have to try,
to see things eye to eye,
it just comes to us, naturally!
Come to think of it I think we fit together,
playing cat and mouse won’t get us, very far!
There’s no need to fued and fuss,
when it isn’t really us,
Let’s you and me be who we are.

We’re a duo,
a duo,
a pair of lonely ones who were meant to be a two!
Oh, a duo,
it’s true-o,
wherever we go, we’re going me and you!

No matter what now we’ve got one another,
we’ll be be there to pick each other off the floor!
Anytime you’re feeling glum,
count on me to be a chum!

Fv: If ya get an itch attack,
I’ll be there to scratch your back!

Tg: Now who could ever ask for more!
(laughs and talks some)Oh stop, oh stop, no, don’t stop.
(back to singing) More, more,
we’re friends and that’s what friends are for.

Together: We’re a duo,
a duo,
a pair of lonely ones who were might to be a two.
Oh, a duo,
it’s true-o,
if we’re ever in a stoop,
we know we can make it through,
cuz you’ve got me and I’ve,
got you! Yes, sir!

Rest in Peace, you sweet, funny Prince!


  1. Good tribute. We will all miss him. :(

    He was such a prolific actor that I’m unable to pinpoint my favorite role of his.

    Comment by diamond dave — 2009/05/06 @ 05:30

  2. They were ALL my favorite roles.

    Comment by DaGoddess — 2009/05/06 @ 10:28

  3. Dang, I really loved him.

    Comment by Jan — 2009/05/06 @ 10:44

  4. This one’s funny too:

    Comment by Jan — 2009/05/06 @ 10:51

  5. I just laughed out LOUD at the Johnny Carson sketch!! Thanks for that.

    Comment by vodkamom — 2009/05/07 @ 03:52

  6. That one was actually sent to me BEFORE he died. How odd was that?

    Comment by DaGoddess — 2009/05/07 @ 09:07

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