People of the Desert

DaGoddess @ 04:00

I wish I could say we all took turns making such spectacular leaps, but sadly, not so much. However, the dynamic duo of Harley and Diane (two of our fellow photowalkers who joined us from Utah) more than made up for jumping shortages from Jan and I the second morning.



LP and HP kissing

They are a lovely couple and made our journey even more fun. I couldn’t believe they made a special trip out from Utah to attend, but they did and I’m glad. You can see and Diane’s photography on Flickr. As well, you can peek in on Paul (he’s promised that Kristi will have an account soon), and while you’re there, check out Trevor’s photos. Jan’s images are displayed beautifully at her site.

While the desert was lovely and moving in so many ways, it was the people who made the trip worth taking. I’ll be including photos of some of them from time to time. I’m slowly working my way through the files. It kind of keeps me in the moment, you know?

Oh, and just so you don’t think I’m always hiding behind the camera, here’s a photo Jan took of me. (Actually, two photos…one so you get a little perspective of where I was.)

That's me up there!

I did it! I climbed up on my own


  1. Love the leaping pictures! And YOU! There you are! I like the last one because it’s so obvious where you are; that’s awesome!

    Comment by Pam — 2009/04/28 @ 06:17

  2. I, stupidly, went up the hard way, not knowing there was an easier way. But in doing what I did, it made my accomplishment that much more exhilirating and definitely more of a victory.

    I couldn’t see the other way up because I had walked along the road facing the other direction, enchanted by something…can’t remember what. Jan pulled the car up and saw where I was, and the easy way up. I remained ignorant that it even existed. Thankfully there was an easier way because getting down would have been an absolute bitch otherwise.

    Comment by DaGoddess — 2009/04/28 @ 06:19

  3. Those are great! Harley and Diane jumping are wonderful. It’s always a treat to see a picture of you too. Looks like you got plenty of exercise!

    Comment by Chris — 2009/04/28 @ 06:19

  4. I got lots of exercise that trip! I was motivated.

    Comment by DaGoddess — 2009/04/28 @ 06:24

  5. P.S. I scaled the right side of that hill, the slippery, loose dirt side. (I know!)

    Comment by DaGoddess — 2009/04/28 @ 06:28

  6. What an accomplishment. See, you’re pretty good at overcoming obstacles, aren’t ya?
    And how the heck do people jump that high?

    Comment by mannequin — 2009/04/28 @ 07:14

  7. I do tend to prevail, don’t I? I also persevere. I’m persistent. I can also be petulant. And pleonastic.

    And I have no idea how anyone can jump like that. I am not one who possesses such skills. This white girl can’t jump. Although I’m aces at jumping to conclusions.


    Comment by DaGoddess — 2009/04/28 @ 08:26

  8. Jan, please sneak more photos of Joan more often. That’s a great shot of anyone, but extra-special for being of her

    Comment by Lloyd — 2009/04/28 @ 12:51

  9. aren’t you sweet!

    If you look at Trevor’s DV photos, there’s one of me in there taking a photo no less!

    Comment by DaGoddess — 2009/04/28 @ 12:59

  10. Ok, Lloyd, here’s one!

    Comment by Jan — 2009/04/28 @ 19:01

  11. I missed that one went I went through the gallery. Guess I’m going to have to start posting photos of you now.

    Comment by DaGoddess — 2009/04/28 @ 22:14

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