My Lucky Day

DaGoddess @ 05:18

Yesterday did turn out to be my lucky day for more reasons than Akismet declaring it so. You see, I returned home from a night shoot in Balboa Park and was editing photos, futzin’ around with deleting spam, and I noticed that Akismet had caught 1,234 bits of spam for me thus far. Don’t believe me?

Behold! Proof!

My Lucky Day

Told ya.

See, that was great and all. I love consecutive numbers, and I consider them good luck when I catch them. Or when I catch something like 11:11 on the clock or when the odometer reads an even number (not that I’m driving these days). I revel in these little things because I’m goofy and because I guess I’m easily amused. Better easily amused than impossible to please, I always say.

So what else was lucky about my day? Well, how about this?

On our night shoot in Balboa Park, I was using a borrowed borrowed tripod (I borrowed it from someone who had borrowed it from someone else, y’see). Everyone else was casually slinging their pods over their shoulders with their cameras dangling unattended behind them. I couldn’t do that. I had my strap in my hand the whole time, just in case. And I sometimes I even carried the tripod so that I was practically cradling my camera and the pod together, like a super long and skinny metal baby. Part of the way through the shoot, I noticed a stabilizing screw had gone missing and I was having to shore up the camera in certain positions (on a wing and a prayer and me wrapping the strap around the base of the pod). That didn’t put me any more at ease, either. After we were completely done, I walked over to my friend and was taking my camera off the tripod and the head mount fell to the ground. If my camera had been on it at the time, it would have shattered and I’d be totally outta luck. I was so relieved to have my little Charlie in my hands that I almost wept with joy. And then I looked up at my friend and said, “whew!” That was quickly followed by an “oh shit, what are we going to do with this thing now” sort of conversation. Thankfully, the guy who owns the tripod works at a camera store, so I don’t think there’ll be any trouble with him getting it fixed. Still, how lucky was I that the camera wasn’t on the mount at the time when it finally gave out?

I also made it through the whole shoot without feeling like knives were jabbing into my hips and lower back, as has been the case for most of this week. Lucky! And on top of that, I got a few photos of which I’m quite proud. Lucky Lucky!

Yeah, I’ll share them. Keep watching. They’ll pop up here soon enough.


  1. You one lucky gel, Joanie! Can’t wait to see the pics!!

    Comment by Pam — 2009/01/25 @ 07:03

  2. Get yourself a damn tripod, girl! You said your dad gave you money for one, so get the best quality tools you can wring the money out for so you can get the job done.

    Comment by jan — 2009/01/26 @ 10:09

  3. Oh, my gosh. I’m. So glad to hear Charlie’s life was spared! I like number stuff, too. When I count my drawer at the end of a shift, I always look forward to seeing what my cash deposit’s total is; once in a while, it’s something fun. Ooh, and one time, Howie and I were making an overnight drive while listening to a Patricia Cornwell book on tape. In the story, Kay got a phone call at something like 2:05am. I glanced at the clock on the dashboard right as the narrator read that line, and the time was the same as it was in the story. Weird!

    Comment by GW — 2009/01/26 @ 15:28

  4. Jan, I have two tripods on the way, so no worries. It’s the lens that I’m awaiting. The LENNNNS. :pray:

    Comment by DaGoddess — 2009/01/26 @ 17:38

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