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DaGoddess @ 00:28

This is Me…yeah.

“Photographers” go to school to study photography because you can’t tell if a photo is good just by looking at it. — by Merkley???

One of the things I’ve given up (starting now, this moment, this year) is doubting myself or what I enjoy when it comes to me and my camera. Oh yes, I’ve had those moments of doubt and I let cloaked “constructive” criticisms bother me. No longer, though.

I bring this up because I’m working on an “artist’s” statement for my revamped photography site. And because I need to remind myself from time to time. We all need to remind ourselves that what we like is what we like — we don’t need to justify it, and we need to remind ourselves of our own value, our place in this world. Sometimes we tend to dimish ourselves, or allow others to do so, because we lack the balls or mammaries to declare “hey, I like it because I like it! I am who I am because that’s who I am!” So there.


  1. Well, you’re exactly right. Sometimes I’m overly critical of something on behalf of someone else.. when I like it just because it is.

    If that makes sense. I assume, I guess. I should just relax and enjoy it. Hey, where have I heard that before? :rofl:

    Comment by pamibe — 2009/01/13 @ 06:49

  2. If we buy into the hype that there’s some deeper meaning in this, that, or the other thing, then we can never truly just appreciate something because of its own real beauty or the way it makes us feel. There’s nothing wrong with just stepping back, cocking one’s head to the side, and just enjoying.

    We do that with nature, don’t we? So why can’t we do that with a photo or art or anything else?

    Comment by DaGoddess — 2009/01/13 @ 06:55

  3. Yes, exactly. :thumbs:

    Comment by pamibe — 2009/01/13 @ 07:45

  4. See? We’re so smart. :rofl:

    Comment by DaGoddess — 2009/01/13 @ 17:21

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