It Only LOOKS Like a Crime Scene

Da Goddess @ 23:58

The poor kitchen took quite a hit tonight. I decided I needed to make quiche.

King Arthur was on bacon frying and cheese grating duty while I put together the pie crust and chopped all the garlic, green onions, spinach, broccoli, and ham. I reused the same bowl for the cheese that I’d used for the pie crust and only used one cutting board for all the choppy stuff, but it STILL ended up looking like I’d hauled out every bowl, knife, measuring cup, pan, and mixing utensil in the house.

It’s almost midnight and the quiche is baking. I feel good about it. It smells good. And I’m thinking all the freshy fresh veg will help me get over this sinus/bronchial stuff quicker. I’ve been throwing plenty of fruit and veg at it and now I’m adding protein. Something HAS to work soon. (King Arthur made some awesome chile verde earlier today, so there was that, but I needed quiche. NEEDED IT.)

King A was awesome in that he jumped in and did dishes, which I appreciate beyond all words. My back is dead. My lungs are dead. All I can do is wait for the pies to finish baking, cool, and refrigerate them and I can go lie down again. It’s totally worth it. Quiche is good.

P.S. Real men DO eat quiche. Real men eat whatever’s put in front of them and don’t bitch about it. And that’s the end of that.

P.P.S. It’s just before 01:00 and the quiches are out of the oven. They look perfect and smell delicious! King A says there better not be any slices gone when he gets up. I told him I couldn’t promise anything.


Phlegmicidal Thoughts

Da Goddess @ 08:25

If I could just manage to get my body from producing all these horrendous secretions, I might actually feel somewhat sane again. Of course, that’s all relative. The sanity thing.

Right now, all I want to do is kill every single mucous cell in me. I’m tired of having stuff dripping down the back of my throat. I’m tired of feeling something stuck between my nose and throat (c’MON! It happens and it sucks!). Sometimes it feels like the mucous is so thick and ropy that it’s tied to my septum, my eardrums, and dangling deep into my lungs. It’s gross. It’s impossible to get rid of. I’m tired of horking like some crazed animal in an attempt to get the stuck thing to go one way or the other. I’m tired of blowing my nose. I’m tired of coughing. I’m tired. I’m tired of being tired.

I slept about 15 hours yesterday.

And I’m fairly certain this whole thing started at faire. The pollen from the trees, the dust on the ground (I know for sure that I blew about 4lbs of the stuff out of my nose the first night alone), and the general change in the weather. You add all that together and it’s the perfect storm for my sinuses. Once I start down that path, it goes deep into my head and then my lungs. Doesn’t matter that it starts off allergenic, I can turn that into a bacterial infection in two seconds. Thankfully, this wasn’t super painful. Merely irritating. And since I’ve been through this a million times in my life, I know the best remedy is a combination of fluids, time, decongestants, cough syrup, rest, and grumbling. If the pain increases and if this lasts more than two weeks, I’ll have to consider a pricey trip to a doctor and some antibiotics. For now, though, I’m working the other program.

Meanwhile, please send phlegmicidal thoughts my way. In the immortal words of Bartles and Jaymes, thank you for your support.


Doubling Up

Da Goddess @ 06:33

Since I’m home alone this weekend nursing my…cold…or whatever, I’ve been doubling up on my television watching. Movies, documentaries, tv shows, music, etc. Certain shows need to be left for when King Arthur returns, but the rest is all for me. Obscure movies have become my favorite. And documentaries. I simply love to dig in and sip my tea as I while away the hours entertained, learning, and the like. I’ve also managed to finish two books. I had them going simultaneously. It was a way to spend my time and not feel so alone.

Go find a copy of Deadline by Crutcher. It matters not that it’s a young adult novel. The fact of the matter is, it’s a wonderful playbook for anyone of any age’s life, at any stage. It’s insightful, engaging, touching, and just plain funny. Young adult novel, my ass. This book is a must read for everyone!

I’ve also read Last Girls by Lee Smith. It’s good. It’s one of those books you feel like reading just from looking at the cover. And it draws you in.

I’m in the middle of a Sherman Alexie novel, and if you haven’t read any of his works, please, go do so NOW!

And now I’m off to swig from my bottle of cough syrup once again. Seeing as how it’s kept me from coughing so hard I gag, I think it’s probably my wisest course of action at this point.

P.S. If you get a chance to see Life According to Sam, you won’t regret it. Also, Toast.



Da Goddess @ 00:07

My baby girl is 21 now.

She came into my life as a precious bundle and she remains a true treasure in my life.

Mojo is simply the only reason I have become who I am. Without her, I would have no clue as to what love is. I’d never have been ready to be anything more than just some woman without a purpose in life. Because of her, I was brave enough to try nursing school, parenting a second time, photography…everything.

And now she stands as part of the majority. 21. I’d hoped to be with her this weekend, raising a glass in her honor. Sadly, I am home sick and will only be hoisting a small plastic cup of cough syrup. But, in my heart, I am there and celebrating the next step of her life.

Happy birthday, my darling, lovely girl!

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