TJH: Inspire – Fuzzy Friday

Da Goddess @ 04:49

Handsome boy

He’s a handsome boy and he knows it



TJH: Inspire – I Love SoCal!

Da Goddess @ 05:37

Because this is what I get when I go out in the backyard.

I know I’ve posted photos of the oranges I picked before and this looks like I’m just bragging, but C’MON! These are like sunshine you can touch and taste.

Recent harvest


Grumbly and Seething

Da Goddess @ 19:30

Telling me you love my work, love my energy, and we would really work well together but not hiring me because my gear doesn’t meet with your idea of “professional” or “suitably upscale enough” is like telling daVinci his paintings are fine but they’d be better if he used a different brush.




I proved

  1. I’m professional, knowledgeable, fun, and capable
  2. My camera can take the same photo theirs takes at the same resolution
  3. My editing software can do the same things their editing software does and produces equal results
  4. My computer, while NOT a Mac, can do all the things theirs does
  5. To have a much more open mind during the interview process while jumping through an endless number of crazy hoops

In other words, the job I had hoped and prayed I’d get was not to be within my reach. And yes, those really are the reasons the gave for not hiring me even after we spent 3+ hours shooting, sharing, editing, and laughing.


I Has a Sad :(

Da Goddess @ 06:30

It’s now day #2 without my fuzzy friend Max here.

We took care of the gangly dog without confidence again. He was here for four days. I didn’t want to return him to his people. I ruv him. But he was very happy to have his people back and that’s the right thing to do. He did super well with us this time around and settled in right away.

Now I must go find myself another fuzzy friend to hang around with until he returns.

Two-Fer Tuesday: It’s Gettin’ All Sexy Up in Here

Da Goddess @ 03:45

Sorry. Spent an evening with one of the sexiest men alive and my mind went a-wandering.



Monday Memories (almost at Midnight)

Da Goddess @ 23:30

Blondie at Christmas

My first real Christmas where I paid attention!

Yeah. Still going through old photos on my dad’s computer. Hoping to get a few of mine scanned soon.


Two-fer Tuesday: Saturday Edition – Guess Who I Saw Last Night?

Da Goddess @ 18:03

Ryan Bingham

Holy moly.

Fantastic concert.

He sang “Hallelujah” during his encore. Think he did four or five songs for the encore. Solo. It was amazing.

Don’t know who Ryan is? Try this song (which he did NOT play at the show, but everything else was so good it didn’t matter):

Opening the show was honeyhoney. Lead singer Suzanne gave me a copy of their CD and I fell in love with the band even more.

I like “Angel of Death” but I think my favorite is “Don’t Know How”

Don’t get me wrong, I like their livelier stuff, too! But these two songs just kill me in a way I can’t explain.

Bonus videos

Super special thanks to Fat Guy for being the one to first introduce me to the music of Ryan Bingham years ago.