DaGoddess @ 10:30

It’s been a crazy weekend here. Saturday we had a pipe burst and there’s been no water since. Repairman is due in twenty minutes. In order to get LD and me ready for the airport, we high tailed it down to my friend’s house. Thank God for him! And thankfully he allowed me to spend the night there Saturday night so I could get in one more shower and real bathroom time before I headed home.

Hated putting the boy on the plane. We had a good time while he was here. I think his favorite moments were snow flurries (short-lived) at the house and then going out to dinner with a rock star in the same day. (No, I was not invited…it was a guy thing.) Then New Year’s Eve with the best bunch of rockin’ friends ever, including LD’s besty, the rocker. Yep, found a venue that was all ages. Everyone made him feel like a star himself. But then…it was over all too quickly.

And to top it all off, we’re getting real snow now. Wish he could have been here to see it. Wish both kids could be here to see it right this very second. Sigh. Oh well, sent him and Mojo a photo of the snow. Can’t wait to get out to SD to see the whole family.

Okay, enough of the maudlin stuff. Here’s the snow!

snow in Vegas

And New Year’s Eve:

LD and Stoney

John Zito, LD, Taylor Kelley