Come Fly With Me

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As I said in a comment over at Eye Reality a couple days ago:

I stood at the edge of a runway two days ago and watched my son and my daughter float off into the air, pure joy on their faces. And I was both thrilled and terrified because I wanted them to have fun and I also had no way of knowing that they’d come back to me in one piece. Life is kind of like that. As they get older, you just have to trust that they’ll keep coming back to you, happier for the experience of soaring above the clouds, happier because you loved them enough to let them do so.

I don’t know that I could ever say it any better than I did then.

Buckling Up

Almost Ready

Getting Ready to Take Off

Taking off

Taking off

Taking Off

Way up high!


After the flight

Papa and Kids



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I have a problem. I’m well aware of it. I can’t help myself, though.

I took one look at and started drooling. I’ve found perfection.


Coyotes are Out

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They’re howling and yipping as they are wont to do. Not sure what’s going on, but legend has it they’re most agitated when the spirits are active. The Kumeyaay have a long, rich history in this area. Perhaps their ancestors are busy with something.

That would explain the ghost critter running around the house, right?

Don’t laugh. We’re smack dab in the middle of Kumeyaay territory. Down the street is Ipai Waaypuk Trail — which leads to the Kumeyaay-Ipai Interpretive Center. Don’t ask me how you pronounce that.

We have a lot of interesting street names around here. Some I know the story of and others I just wonder about. Like Ipava. I know the story behind that one. Wanna take a guess on how it’s pronounced? Three guesses:

a) Ee-pah-vah
b) Eye-pay-vah
c) Qualcomm

Go ahead and guess.

Anyhow…weird tangent I got off on there, huh? Par for the course, I suppose.

The coyotes are out and talking up a storm. I wish I knew why.

Protected: Ineffable

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A Reptile Dysfunction

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“That’s what it sounds like they’re saying,” my son said as the 500th ad for erectile dysfunction aired in the last 10 minutes.

He was giggling. He’s a weird kid. He’s also the same kid who perfected the Smiling Bob grin and wave (and does it bother anyone else that Smiling Bob shows up during summer months dressed as Santa?).

“What if you had E.D.?” I asked.

“Mom, it’s not like I have to worry about that just yet, you know. I’m still just a kid.”

“Yeah, for now. Give it another two weeks.”

“And anyway, what exactly would be wrong with me if I had it?”

“Your weiner wouldn’t work.”

“It wouldn’t pee?”

“No, it wouldn’t get hard.”

“Oh, then I totally get it. Get it? Hahahahahaha.”

He’s so weird.



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Darkness creeps in and takes hold. Gripping my throat tightly in its cold, bony claws, I feel the air leaving my body, leaving me breathless.

My heart beats faster, skipping, then galloping, then skipping again.

Sleep doesn’t come. My eyes close, yet all I get are twisted visions of what might be, what could be. Things I’ve never seen, things I never want to see. Things I have seen that morph into the unthinkable. Rows of headstones becoming teeth, ready to gobble me up, slowly…ripping flesh from my bones, which crunch with alarming clarity and intense pain. Vultures swooping in to peck at my eyes. Worms with razor-sharp fangs, working their way into the core of my body and then gnawing their way back out.

Despite the fans cranked up full power, sweat pools around me. Skin sticking to skin. The smell of my own restlessness and fear is cloying and makes breathing even more difficult.

My head is pounding. There’s a sensation of it being squeezed out my eyes and ears. The lump in my throat — is that from my head or is that from my stomach? It’s hard to tell any more.

Light starts to creep around the curtain edges. Yet it does little to relieve the weight on my soul. It matters not how many pills I’ve taken. Perhaps a whiskey chaser would have been more effective; but then I’m far too sensible for that, I think. Then again, when exhaustion and panic envelope you so completely, is sensibility really all it’s cracked up to be?

I rub my eyes and try to blink the gritty feeling away. I try to swallow though my throat is so dry it sticks together and temporarily restricts my airway even more. I find myself praying the claws dig in deeper. They don’t. I can breathe again. A little.

With a jolt, I’m suddenly wide awake. In those few moments of slumber, I’d managed this nightmare. It takes longer for me to calm down than I actually spent asleep and I wonder if it’s even worth it to try closing my eyes again.

I imagine this is what Poe felt as he wrote his tales of terror. Did he spend endless nights awake and then think the worst? Or were his dreadful visions what kept him awake? I’m not sure which is the case with me. Does it really matter?

Sometimes you should just skip the iced tea at dinner and stick with water. Caffeine isn’t always your friend.

Deb. Because she’s not the only one with a vivid imagination.


7th Heaven

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Or will it be hell? So far, LD is looking forward to starting 7th grade next week. I’m reserving judgment until his first round of homework, which will be even tougher this year.

We got him registered yesterday, had his ID photo done (we skipped school photos because, frankly, they suck and he was barely awake), and picked up his textbooks already.

It’s hard to believe he’ll be 13 in about a month and a half, that he’s starting 7th grade, or that he’s still wonderfully sweet much of the time. (Just yesterday afternoon, he was running around with neighbor kids who are about 3 or 4, giving them piggyback rides, playing games, etc.)

How do kids grow up so quickly? It wasn’t all that long ago, it seems, that he was in diapers, eating pureed food, barely talking. Where does the time go?


Gorgeous Girl’s Parents

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OpLove Family

OpLove Family

Of course Eyes has lovely parents. How could she not? Even little sister is beautiful.

Mr. Guess Who Guy

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Smiley is none other than the man you see depicted here.

C’mon. You knew deep down you knew who it was — you just couldn’t place him for a second. It’s okay.

And it’s okay to admit you like the music. (more…)

Serious Post – Read Carefully – Wherein I Get Political

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I rarely get political on the blog these days because, frankly, my focus is elsewhere most of the time and I tend to rant and rave about politics on blogs where the writing is good and the commentary lively. That said, I cannot avoid this subject because it hits too close to home. This could very well determine my future regardless of what a board of insurers, doctors, lawyers, and a judge say I can do about my nursing career. While that illustrious panel may claim I’m fit to return to full duty because I’m miraculously healed as plotted and planned out by some California insurance lackey on a piece of paper, the simple truth is, if we go with this proposed happy fun healthcare for all, I will not return to providing patient care. And below, I explain why.

One nursing magazine poll asked the simple question: “Do you support healthcare reform in the U.S.?”

Here’s how it’s shakin’ out:
44% No
31% Yes
24% I don’t know enough about the President’s plans

In other forums, polls are definitely more decisive. One forum asked: “Based on the language presented in the packet posted to this forum (beginning to end of the proposal in all its glory), do you support the President’s plan for healthcare reform?”

The results:
93% No
4% Yes
3% Unsure — I’d like to have this put in simple language for us to better understand.

Another forum asked: “Watch the video of the President’s speech on healthcare reform. Now, are you for or against his plan?”

86% Against (with many citing in comments that the plan leaves doctors and nurses vulnerable to many lawsuits because the new plan will effectively tie their hands and limit the care they can give)
12% For (citing something has to be done! But they don’t know if this is the best idea, they just know it’s the only idea on the table at the moment.)
2% Unsure based on the double speak and lack of clarity when it comes to providing protection for those giving healthcare to patients.

Without tort reform, healthcare providers will be stuck in a precarious situation. I’ve heard from plenty of doctors and nurses by now to know that we’re going to lose some very skilled practitioners if these plans are put into place. Those who “opt out” will be fined for doing so and pay a premium to continue practicing and they will be limited in the amount of time they can spend in a hospital for surgery or testing, limiting the level of care we give and receive. The other option is to switch to outpatient surgical facilities that may be inadequately set up for the severity of procedures and outcomes.

This is something everyone should really consider.

Ask your doctors, nurses, and everyone who works at the clinic where you receive care how they feel about the President’s new plan. Tell them you really want to be informed so you can ask your congressperson to either support or fight the plan. Be informed! Don’t ask a politician. Don’t ask your family, but do consider their medical needs. Ask the people who provide your care.

And remember, while the AMA has said it’s behind the plan, the AMA only represents 15% of doctors practicing in the U.S. They definitely don’t have their finger on the pulse of what the vast majority of our physicians face or what they believe needs to be done.

Please notice, during my several paragraphs, I called no one names, impugned no one, and stuck to the facts as reported in polls taken in nursing forums, read the hundreds of conversations about the plan, read the plan myself, and discussed it with people with whom I have worked, professionals I trust, those I turn to for my own care, for the care of my family members. It is with a very heavy heart that I say “I’ll never nurse under this proposed system” and neither should any other nurse.

It’s a bold statement with serious reprecussions for everyone in this country. But it’s bad medicine, folks. It’s the sort of thing that can kill us. I’m not exaggerating for big hits. I’m not playing this up for the sake of drama. I’m telling you what this means for you, for me, for all of us from the perspective of someone who would have to deliver the care they’re proposing. I could not look myself in the mirror each morning and then go to work to sit around twiddling my thumbs instead of doing everything in my power to provide you or your family with the care you need and deserve. That is not in keeping with the oath I took. And because of that, I could lose my license and any money I would earn from such a job.

There is no such thing as a free lunch. Especially not here.

Educate yourselves, my friends. PLEASE! Don’t read some “fact” site. Don’t read one party or the other’s websites. Find the exact proposed plan and read it carefully. Talk to doctors and nurses and aides and anyone else you can find in the doctor’s office. Do it. It could mean the difference between life and death for you or a loved one if we don’t seriously overhaul this proposal.

As it stands, it’s a disaster for everyone. There aren’t nearly enough real doctors and nurses involved to get this thing in working order right now. We should not EVER rush to rebuild a system that is currently working (as far as the delivery of care…not the insurance side) well. The insurance issue is something entirely different and that must be restructured, but not hastily. None of this should be done hastily. And none of it should be done without every care provider getting involved and making sure it’s done right. As it stands now, it’s not being done right. Let’s put the brakes on this thing and start over, doing it the right way.

Nursing is about giving proper, educated care, not hasty and inadequate care. We took an oath. Yes, we did. And any care provider will not give anything less than what we vowed to provide.

Da Goddess, Registered Nurse


Help Me Decide!

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Aaron Brothers is having a contest and asking artists to submit their images that best depict the American Spirit.

Help. Me. Decide. Please!

All I can think is to have you look through my archives and then leave a comment about what screams AMERICA most to you. You’ll do that, won’t you? Please? And you’ll ask your friends to help me pick something, too. Right? Seriously, when you find the image you like, plop the post link in the comments here and then I’ll start sorting and compiling votes. There are also photos over in my Flickr account that might work, especially this set.

I know, I ask so much from my friends. But this could be kind of cool to enter and “place”, you know? I don’t expect to win, but I think I could at least get an honorable mention or third or something.

Guess Who

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Guess whoAny guesses as to who this guy is?

You’ve seen him. I know you have. Even if you only watch the TV for news, I can guarantee you’ve seen him.

Yep. He’s on television.

C’mon, you know you want to take a guess.

I’ll even let you take multiple guesses.

(And thanks to the source of this photo, who must remain nameless lest we give away the big secret.)

P.S. I’m still entrenched in editing. Getting closer to the finish line. Haven’t been able to take on anything new until these are finished up because I have so much on my plate right now. Sis and bro-in-law just came by yesterday to pick up a huge, heavy piece of furniture as I attempt to reduce the amount of stuff I have to put in storage. Yep, still moving. Traction is at a minimum though. Thanks for all the encouraging emails, comments, and phone calls. Y’all rock!


Of Cakes and Heroes

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We watched The Cake Boss tonight on TLC (skipping J&K+8 for various reasons, not the least of which is the show has become less about dealing with all the kids and more about mom and dad’s personal lives…no thanks). Now, this was the first time LD’s see The Cake Boss and he really enjoyed it.

Perhaps my love of cake has been passed along to my child. He could be relegated to a lifetime of cake longing as I have. Well, no worry, because LD has a plan. As soon as he saw Valastro creating a fire-breathing tiki cake, LD started designing his own series of cakes. There were cakes with volcanoes of red colored chocolate and intricate, but beautiful design. Maybe it was a good thing that LD missed the cake contest last week…he’d have been all over that one!

I gotta tell you: this is where Discovery gets it right. They have a variety of channels offering a wider variety of programming. For the most part they’ve picked some wonderful people to follow and for us parents to share with our children. We can go from Mythbusters at 9 on DC to Cake Boss at 10 on TLC. And what my son gets to see is two hours of men who have to come up with creative ways to solve problems. Sure, two of those guys and up blowing things to bits, and Buddy is more about putting things together. Either way, my son sees men very comfortable expressing their creativity in different ways. Both appeal to my weird child, but that’s a good thing.

So, anyway, after the first ep of Cake Boss, my boy gets his paper out and commences to draw. When he finally revealed the details to me, I was flabbergasted. And craving cake. Oh, and since they’ve started airing commercials for a local decorating school, guess what he wants to learn? Maybe I should encourage it. We could become the local designated “cake go to” gang. That’d be a sweet way to earn some cash. (Yeah, I said sweet. So shoot me.)

Hmmm, the more I think about this, the better I like it. This is a young man who pays attention to detail and who will create something visually stunning. I think he could do it. He might take some ribbing from certain kids, but I think it has potential.

Oh, and I’ve decided I want to be a travel blogger. I’m planning a trip of everywhere I can go without a passport. Throw a couple things in a suitcase, bring my photo gear, and hit the streets to meet the people. Why not? My son’s gonna finance the trips with his amazing cakes.


Those Eyes

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Gorgeous eyes

Beautiful child

Homecoming Outtakes II

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Just a few more shots I really liked.

Waiting for Mommy


Welcome Home


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