20 Mule Canyon Revisited

DaGoddess @ 04:00

Sun burst

Frog Rock

Kissing rocks

Can’t decide if I like Frog Rock** or the Kissing Rocks*** better. As for sunflare*? Well, I’m a sucker for that no matter what.

* Cool!
**It’s a lizard sunning itself. It’s a toad! It’s more than a rock!
***Kissing Llamels, all per LD.



DaGoddess @ 11:54

What a weird place.

The computer became dimensional, the words I typed floated on the skins of animals as they crossed the screen in front of me, and then the dance began. Letters jitterbugged and did the hand jive. I think I saw some doing the Charleston, too. My only frustration came when trying to round them all up and put them back in order. Naughty little letters and words they were.

I finally closed the laptop, put my head to the cool pillow, drifting off into a deep, but equally strange sleep. It was a place where a giant had taken over my son’s old room, where my old boyfriend Mike was winking at me, mouthing that he loved me while getting ready for spy duty with a woman I distrusted and disliked, and for whatever reason, I was living next to a Denny’s where their sign included the word “daily’, but it was misspelled as “daliy”. It all made sense to some extent, except when it came to watching fireworks over Las Vegas from my new room, talking with my new giant friend, making coffee for everyone, and there was a crab boat in my backyard.

When I awoke, the first time, I got up to go to the bathroom, wobbly, but feeling rested. I returned to the coolness of my pillow and promptly fell asleep again. My dream picked up right where it left off, sort of. Suddenly the giant was shrinking, as he cried about being teased by some thoughtless jerk. He turned into my former boyfriend’s nephew, a little boy I truly loved and adored and who is now (in real life) probably graduating from high school if my math is correct.

I can draw some parallels between people and situations, but I won’t because 1) there’s no real good that could come of it, and 2) I’m chalking this dream up to some psychedelic cartoon featuring people I have known and loved and leave it at that.

I slept. I really, really slept. It took a full day to do it, but I did it. And I managed to wake up in time to watch Deadliest Catch, eat a late dinner, and slip off into Ambienland again.

I’ll be visiting there again. Anything to avoid days of wakefulness and unease.

Tell Me

DaGoddess @ 04:00

Tell me you still find wonder in this world
Whether in the laughter of a child
The sunlight on water
The rushing of waves onto sand
The way mountains rise up and reach for the sky
The angel soft tickle of fur on your hand
The way words and delicate notes mingle together in song
The dance between cello and mandolin
The way rhythm can change your heartbeat
The way the briefest touch of my hand can cause you to sigh
The way a kiss can incite passion
The simple look in my eyes as I gaze back at you
Tell me you believe in the power of love, the power of us
Tell me you believe anything is possible when we are together.

Dom DeLuise – He Made Me Laugh, Now I Cry

DaGoddess @ 00:41

The Twelve Chairs, The End, Silent Movie, Sherlock Holmes’ Smarter Brother, History of the World: Part I, and Part II, Haunted Honeymoon, Cannonball Run, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, Wholly Moses and Fatso, and every other movie DeLuise did will always be on my list of favorites.

It was one of those unwritten rules in our house: if there’s a movie with Dom in it, everything else stops. Even better, if there’s Mel Brooks or Burt Reynolds, too.

We used to watch Win, Lose, Or Draw, just hoping Dom would be on. I even tried out for the show because I wanted to be on his team. I wanted to laugh so hard I’d cry and run the risk of wetting myself on nationally syndicated television. It would have been worth it to have Dom DeLuise be the cause of the laughter.

Precious few men could incite the same level of angst and pathos and lovability in a single role. Maybe Gene Wilder. But that would be as close as you get, I think.

The funny guy with the heart of gold, the loyal friend who was always there, the man who valued his family. All apt descriptions of Dom DeLuise. Yet they only speak about a small part of a man who was seemingly everywhere.

From DomDeLuise.com:

The never-limited Dom DeLuise has also appeared at New York’s Metropolitan Opera several seasons between1990 and 1997 in “Die Fledermaus.” He has also performed at the White house for presidents including President Ford, President Reagan, President Bush Sr. and President Clinton.

Who knew? And there are a million other ways we’ll never know how many lives he touched. Through charitable causes, through movie making, especially movies aimed at children, like my favorite: Fievel and Tiger.

And thus a friendship was born. A pair of lonely ones who were meant to be a two-o, a duo. No matter the role, no matter the character, Dom wasn’t alone. You didn’t put him there alone. Because it was so much more fun to have others join in the fun that you knew would occur whenever he was around.

I had a dream. I wanted a simple evening with him. A mellow dinner, a few laughs, a few tears from laughing so hard, and then hug that somehow sealed the deal — somehow, I’d become a part of the DeLuise world for just a few minutes or hours. And perhaps I’d leave with a giggle over a joke he told or because he’d snuck a piece of pie onto my car seat. It would have been the sweetest memory of all. Squishy, certainly, but from the heart.

Goodbye, Dom! Thank you for making four generations of this family laugh. When you see my grandparents up there, accept the pork roast and meatloaf, but make up your own mind on Millie’s city chicken, okay? Ask George for a snappy performance, something you can dance to. Something you could make all your own.

And since this came my way this week, it’s only right to share it. It was a delight.

We’ll miss you, Dom, Our condolensces to Carol, David, Peter, and Michael. And to all of you who were touched by his amazing wit.

For the kids at heart amongst us:

Tg: I like butterflies with big golden wings, and blue and green tips.
Fv: Me Too!
Tg: I like swiss-cheese ice cream.
Fv: Me too, me too!
Tg: You too too? Wait a minute, what’s your favorite book?
Fv: Hmm, Why, the Brothers Karamousov.
Tg: The brothers…(wheezing laugh) I can’t believe it, I can’t believe it (purrs).

Begin the actual singing.
Tg: I can tell,
we’ve got an awful lot,
in common,
even though,
we look as different as can be!
We don’t even have to try,
to see things eye to eye,
it just comes to us, naturally!
Come to think of it I think we fit together,
playing cat and mouse won’t get us, very far!
There’s no need to fued and fuss,
when it isn’t really us,
Let’s you and me be who we are.

We’re a duo,
a duo,
a pair of lonely ones who were meant to be a two!
Oh, a duo,
it’s true-o,
wherever we go, we’re going me and you!

No matter what now we’ve got one another,
we’ll be be there to pick each other off the floor!
Anytime you’re feeling glum,
count on me to be a chum!

Fv: If ya get an itch attack,
I’ll be there to scratch your back!

Tg: Now who could ever ask for more!
(laughs and talks some)Oh stop, oh stop, no, don’t stop.
(back to singing) More, more,
we’re friends and that’s what friends are for.

Together: We’re a duo,
a duo,
a pair of lonely ones who were might to be a two.
Oh, a duo,
it’s true-o,
if we’re ever in a stoop,
we know we can make it through,
cuz you’ve got me and I’ve,
got you! Yes, sir!

Rest in Peace, you sweet, funny Prince!


Sleepless in San Diego

DaGoddess @ 13:07

There was good news yesterday: my fusion is looking fantastic. The request for physical therapy has been made. I’ve also requested at least one day a week of pool therapy to provide me with a respite from the more difficult stuff. I can increase resistance in the pool and it’ll still be a nice break from the “land” therapy. I’m not banking on the insurance company being too helpful, but I’ll pray for a miracle nonetheless.

Now the bad news. First off, the doc says it’ll be about another six months before I’m 100%. Six more months of not being able to go out and get a real job. Six more months of no disability, no social security, no comp payments. Means I’ll have to hustle the photography gigs big time. Maybe pick up a couple more assistant jobs here and there, God willing. Six more months.

It’s happening again. I can’t sleep.

The very cute doctor gave me some Ambien to try yesterday, but by the time I remembered it, I was afraid it would be too late to take it. So, I remained awake and when I finally did fall asleep, it was only for an hour.

I’ve felt weepy all day. I just called LD’s dad and asked him if he could get LD so I could try to sleep. I hate that. I wanted to have my boy back here today. But nooooo. That’s not in the cards.

Why can’t I sleep? I cannot start this pattern over again like last week. I can’t spend this weekend sleeping almost non-stop.

Ambien is now on board. Not the ideal time, but really, what other choice do I have when I’m dizzy, falling down, dead dog tired? I have to do something.

Think it’s the six more months of no income weighing on me? Probably. Crap.

I’m sorry. I hate complaining about this here, but it’s my one outlet. I’m used to being independent. Having my own money. Being the boss of the applesauce. I want to be able to take care of myself. That’s what I do. What I’ve always done. I don’t like not having that control. It makes me cranky.

No matter how much I tell myself that healing will take as long as it takes, that I must be patient, it just doesn’t jibe with what life is calling for.

Frustration + exhaustion = no sleep again. That’s my theory.

I wonder how long it’ll take for the Ambien to kick in. I wonder if I’ll be one of those people who does weird stuff in their sleep on it. Will it work?

Wish me luck, I guess.

Gaaaah! I hate this. Drives me nuts.

Zabriskie Point and Manly Beacon

DaGoddess @ 04:49

There are a dozen photos in the gallery. Enjoy!

PROMPTuesday #54 – My Heavenly Ride

DaGoddess @ 02:10

Old school entry time! We’re going back in time and doing a little Remember Whenning™ for PROMPTuesday this week.

The rules? We don’t need no stinkin’ rules! Okay, maybe one: write about your favorite toy as a child. “Write a vignette about playing with it. (What did you feel? Who were you with? Where did you live?)”

See? Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

My story is rather short and simple. And it’s proof that I’m old. Really old. As in, in a couple weeks, I’ll qualify as ancient. At which time, I expect you all to ply me with cash, compliments, and gifts of all kinds. Forget “happy birthday” wishes! I want swag. And if I can’t have swag, I want money money money! (It’s the only way I’ll make it through the next month or so anyway if I don’t book some shoots.)

So, without further ado, I bring to you “Memories of an Old Hag”.

Krazy Kar!When I was just a kid, from about three until I was seven or eight, my favorite outdoor toy was far and away the Krazy Kar. At first, all I could do was go around in circles as I lacked the coordination to spin the giant wheels properly to propel me forward. Once I figured out the trick to forward movement, though, I was a little speed demon. Forget the kids with Big Wheels! That was easy. The Krazy Kar required skill beyond using your feet to push handy little pedals attached to the front wheel. That kind of stuff was for babies. No, if you wanted a challenge, you had a Krazy Kar. I mastered that thing and was just as fast as anyone with a Big Wheel or in a wagon. There was the benefit of having TWO large wheels moving you. The down side was the fact that they were arm-powered. Still, if you knew what you were doing, your little arms could do amazing things with the help of those giant disks. Flying past your friends who were pumping their little legs as fast as they could, you could practically hear the wind whooshing in your ears and you imagined a large path of dust rising up into the air as you went screaming by. I wasn’t ever the fastest kid in a foot race, but I could beat the pants off you in a Krazy Kar. And there was another special treat built in: skidding to a stop was a spectacle and a half as you spun around and around, faster, crazier, and better than anyone on a stupid old Big Wheel.

You may want to go read Deb’s comments to see what my favorite indoor toys were.


My Mom (and Yours)

DaGoddess @ 12:39

I was reading An Island Life and saw this great giveaway for Mother’s Day. There’s even a quiz to determine what kind of mom you have. (My mom is a “Wise Woman“, by the way.) The thing about the quiz is that it fails to describe so many of the things that make my mom special.

My mom was and is the reason I look at the world as I do. She taught me to see the world as a realm of endless possibilities, as a place where dreams can come true, and where I would be able to explore to my heart’s content.

My mom taught me to look at people with an eye for appreciating what makes them unique and interesting.

She taught me to see the wonder in a flower, a sunset, a seashell.

She gave me a sense of humor to help me laugh through the rough times, but she also taught me that it’s sometimes necessary to let the tears flow.

My mom gave me the strength to stand up for myself, the courage to ask for help when needed, and the gift of knowing how and when to help others.

She taught me that love is unconditional, but there are times when you must draw the line for someone else’s sake. And sometimes for your own sanity.

She taught me that creativity is a terrible urge to stifle. Be it drawing, music, photography, writing, speaking, or simply appreciating…one needs art in their life.

My mom gave me the gift of life and the love and encouragement needed to grow into my own person.

A quiz can’t encapsulate all that into a simple answer. Nor can it thank her for all that she has given.

What are you planning for Mother’s Day?

If you’re in San Diego, I highly recommend you come on down to Gator By The Bay on Sunday and hang out with me and Little Dude at the blues society table. Grab some crawfish, put on your dancing shoes, and live it up a little!

But! Don’t forget that there’s something just for moms, non-moms, and women in general on Thursday, May 7th: Moms (and Ladies) Night Out. It’s free! And there are free gifts! Come out and play! It’s a great way to meet other awesome women in San Diego. What are you waiting for? This is as close to an engraved invitation as you’ll get.

Epic Edits Includes Mojo!

DaGoddess @ 12:17

I finally got a photo in the Epic Edits Photo Dump! I’m actually rather pleased with the photo Brian Auer chose: the one of Mojo.

Some weeks I forget to submit photos. You can add one a day and I forget. Seriously, Flickr groups/pools are a great way to get feedback on your images, to find inspiration, to meet other photograpers, and I just don’t use them as much as I should. This is a good reminder of WHY I should stay on top of these things.

Word Play

DaGoddess @ 10:00

I know you’re all pretty good at phrasing turning and such, so I have a favor to ask of you.

I need help coming up with a catchy slogan for my business. I should be able to do this on my own, right? You’d think so. But it appears I’m a bear of little brain (with a ‘splodey head) and I just can’t seem to get exactly what I want.

Here’s your challenge:

The name is Laughing Rhino. I need a slogan or tagline to go with that.

On the table currently:
Naturally Fun ● Naturally You
Naturally ● Fun ● You
Go wild with Laughing Rhino
Let your imagination run wild

Needless to say, I’m not in love with any of them. Or rather, we’re only semi-serious, with one or two having potential for a long term relationship.



Extra bonus points if you also come up with a photo frame I like.


Get Back to Work!

DaGoddess @ 06:55

Sorry I’ve not been super present and fun and interactive. I’m working on the photography site. It’s being upgraded from the old MT platform to WordPress. Every time I went in to change anything, even a period or a comma, it would result in a big old 500 internal server error. Guess that was the server’s way of saying, “MT is dead, girlie! Upgrade your ass.” And so I am.

It’s slow going because I have to choose all new images and resize each one. Then I have to relay my thoughts on how the site looks to my friend who is working on the technical stuff. Hey, I know my limitations and I honor them. I let the smart kids do the heavy lifting.

But here’s the thing, I’m still working like crazy to get the photos prepped and I’m hating the frames I created. They’re nothing special. They’ll serve the purpose they’re meant to serve and that’s fine. Eventually, though, I’ll go to something else and be happier with the results. I just don’t LOVE the ones I created now.

Anyway, that wasn’t the point. The point is, I’m busy working on this and I’m trying not to let my head get too ‘splodey. It’s trying to, but I’m fighting it.

It didn’t help that I’ve felt cruddy, dead dog tired all week. No sleep. Then finally, lots at once. I came home early from the going away (Smash — again, since this is now the second time he’s being sent far away), going away (Doc in the Box), congratulations (Smash and his new wife), congratulations (our friend Gracie and her new hubby) party on Thursday and promptly got sick. I ate two little potstickers and had iced tea. That’s it. And I got sick sick sick. So I was up all night. Thankfully I had an email buddy keeping me company and I actually forgot I didn’t feel good for a while. (Thank you, my friend!)

When I finally did fall asleep, I slept hard. And it was good. Still, I’ve had a rattly head for three days now and I don’t like it. Nothing is helping. I slept most of yesterday, too. Off and on, that is. No luck in getting rid of the ‘splodey head. I’ve had thirty-eight gallons of water. No help. I finally gave up.

The worst part of this is not having seen Little Dude all week, save for a brief moment as he ran in on his way home from school to get his Gameboy (and to write his hero, Smash, a note). With so much to be done and the whole not feeling well thing, it didn’t seem fair to subject him to that. Sigh. I miss him.

I’m babbling, aren’t I? Yeah. I’m avoiding work. But not as much as you’d think. I’ve been slogging away all night. I’m beginning to think I should have embraced my royalty more and declared myself a princess who simply cannot do all this. A real princess would have delegated these tasks to one of her handmaidens. Fine, I don’t have any handmaidens. It’s one of the signs of non-princessdom that I happened to pick up on. Crap.

Fine fine fine fine! I’m like the princess and the pea. Except I’m not the princess (remember?!), but I am very sensitive to the pea. Or should I say pee (since that was an issue not that long ago)?

In my quest to be productive and good and accomplish much, I’ve also managed to watch about 23 movies I never knew I wanted to see. We can include Coyote Ugly in that bunch. Maybe it was just the fact that I was tired and had the ‘splodey head, but I cried when John Goodman got hit by the car. Who’d a guessed? And then I watched The Perfect Storm. I don’t remember the others I watched, but I do recall that I watched last week’s episode of The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency for the third time. I love that show! I love the stories, I love Jill Scott, I love Lucian Msamati (who is one of my latest crushes), I love Anika Noni Rose, I love that it takes place in Botswana. Ooh! That reminds me of another movie I saw: The Power of One. Good movie. No, GREAT! For reals. Go watch it.

Anyhow, I’ve done everything I was supposed to do and I still managed to get in sleep and watch movies and listen to music and watch San Diego Momma’s Vlog. She had me giggling this morning. It was good! “Raffle tickles”…that’s what she said. And that tickled me. Also, if that’s what she looks like after not showering for two days and being all zitty? I am just going to have to find a way to hate on her. (Yeah, right! Not gonna happen.) By the way, if you live in San Diego and you want to join us for the Mom’s (and not mom’s) Night Out, go to SDM’s blog and get the details. You should come along. If for no other reason than to get your raffle tickles. Which are free. As is Mom’s Night Out. Raffle tickets, on the other hand, do cost something. But Deb will explain that to you since I have no clue about anything other than knowing what one of the giveaways is.

I guess I’ve screwed around long enough. I really should get back to work. I hear the warden calling (which reminds me that I also saw Shawshank Redemption yesterday).

Since I have much to do, still don’t feel well, and bad “I haven’t showered for two days” skin that looks nowhere as pretty as Deb’s, I’m going to stay right here. Here. Not there. Here. No helping anyone move/clean (Mikey and his family), no Ren Faire, no benefit concert for a music store owner where many of my friends and potential clients will be, no nap longer than 2 hours, and no backgammon tournaments with Tom Selleck. Not that he’s called or anything. I’m just saying…I won’t do it even if he does call.

Hope you all have a good day. Tell Tom and his moustache I said hey.

And if there’s a prince looking for a princess with bad skin and stringy hair, I’ll be here.

Harmony Borax Works, Part I or II or Something

DaGoddess @ 00:53

I only know of one other person who spent as much time as I did on the fence around the Harmony Borax Works — fellow traveler, Diane. I can’t wait to see her photos. Haven’t seen any of them on Flickr yet.

Anyhow, I obviously had way too much fun with the fence as evidenced by the following photos.

Harmony Borax Works in Color

Harmony Borax Works B&W

There were other sights of note there, too.

Harmony Borax Works

Funny, that’s the only shot not fence related I’ve processed. Guess we have to go back to what I know.

Harmony Borax Works fence

Harmony Borax Works Fence



DaGoddess @ 05:21

I’ve been crowned. No, I’m not referring to the dental work I had done last year. I’m talking about mannequin declaring me one of her royal court.

Of course there’s a catch. I have to meme me and my awesomeness. After finally sleeping for about 9 or 10 hours yesterday (which is about all I’d slept the entire week prior to that point), I think I may be able to tackle this.


List 7 things that make you Awe-summ and then pass the award on to 7 bloggers you love. Make sure to tag your recipients and let them know they have won! And also link back to the QUEEN that tagged you.

  1. Kids love me. It’s one thing to like kids; it’s another thing to be liked by them. And kids love me. Apparently they recognize that I’m just a big kid myself.
  2. I’m loyal. Friends, Romans, countrymen, I am loyal. I will defend my friends and family forever.
  3. If you have an animal that never likes anyone who comes to your house, chances are, that animal will end up sitting on my lap. I think they recognize that I understand the desire to hide sometimes.
  4. I draw great eyes. Always have. The rest of my drawing skills may have fled the country, but the ability to draw eyes have not.
  5. I’m curious by nature. I like to figure things out, get to know people, experience new things.
  6. I talk to strangers. I’ve even taken candy from them.
  7. I’m a hugger. If you are hurt, I will hug you. If we run into each other at the store, I will hug you. If you want to be left alone, I will hug you and then go away. If you bring a new friend/husband/wife/kid to meet me, I will hug you both. I like to hug. I’m the happy hugger.

Who shall be tagged next? Bwahahahahahaha! Um, okay. Here we go! In no particular order:


Okay, so that was in particular order. Alphabetical. Happened without me consciously doing so. I feel like I should include another seven, but I won’t. Despite all the sleep I finally got, I’m too tired to link to Teresa, Erin, Mrs. Who, Leanne, Temple, Renee, and Laurie. Not doubt you’ve noticed this bit is anything but alphabetical. Obviously my brain has quickly disorganized itself. Such is the price for allowing it to work in its mysterious ways.

I will not track all my tag-ees down. They’ll discover this on their own or they won’t. I’m very uncommitted at the moment due to a raging headache and a desire to sleep. I’m cursing the fact I don’t have a houseboy to make me macaroni and cheese or chicken noodle soup right now or perhaps to let me lay my weary head in his lap while he applies a cool cloth to my brown and smooths my hair until I feel better.

I probably should have included my vivid imagination on the list, huh?


Got 4K?

DaGoddess @ 04:00

Alaska’s calling!

July 11-18 of this year, the Mentor Series Worldwide Photo Treks is going to Alaska. For $4k, you can go, too.

Uh, yeah. Right. Four grand? Honey, I have so many other plans for money like that.

Not that I’d turn down a trip up north, mind you. It is on my wish list for the coming year. One way or another, I’ll get there. I may have to hitchhike the entire way (don’t worry, I’d carry a big, rusty knife and make sure I smell really gamey), but I’ll get there. I’ll hitch from blogger’s home to blogger’s home. Or I’ll find a blogger to drive me to my next blogger destination, have mini meetups. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Or, better still, I’ll just win the lottery. Yeah, that’s the ticket. The lottery.

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